I have already written unlocking procedure of Huawei’s E5336E5573 and B593 MiFi / WiFi routers. I keep uploading the firmware and WebUI’s as and when we get. Today, In this post, we will share more firmware. A firmware update may ask you for firmware code/password, comment with model and IMEI to get it free. However, the unlock code charge may be applied from 1.50 USD to 15 EURO, depending on the devices.

We provide unlock codes for Alcatel modems and MiFi, Pantech phones, LG smartphones, ZTE smartphones, Huawei Modems and Huawei Routers (some Huawei dongles / MiFi’s unlock code charge is 6 USD, so before proceeding with the payment check that device is asking for unlock code or not. If not, then leave a comment with details.

Download Huawei E5336Bs-6 Firmware General

Download Huawei E5336Bs WebUI General

Download Huawei E8372h WebUI General

Download Huawei E5573s-607 Firmware General

Download Huawei E5573s-606 Firmware General

Download Huawei E5573s-320 Firmware (Normal)

Download Firmware Huawei E5573s-320 General

Download WebUI of Huawei E5573 General

Download ZTE MF190 Reliance 3G Driver / Dashboard for MAC / Linux / Win OS

Download Zte MF190 Beetel Connection Manager Driver Software Dashboard with voice call

R208 WiFi HUAWEI R208 TCPUB141D05SP03C11 (Vodafone Global 05020XNR)

B2000_B593u-12_B593u-91V100R001C372SP100 (South Africa Telkom 05011MVB)

E8238BWs-2 V200R001B000D16SP12C19 (South Africa Vodacom)

Vodafone B2000 / Huawei B593u-12 / B593u-91 TCPUC372SP051 (South Africa Telkom)

Download configuration file for Vodafone B2000 / Huawei B593u-12 / B593s-601 (Application and Configuration V1.1)

Download Vodafone B2000 / Huawei B593u-12/ B593u-91 TCPUV100R001C00SP054 (Normal 05011HWV-10158119 ZA)

Vodafone_B2000_B593u-12-B593s-601_TCPU-V200R001B270D00SP00C00 (General ZA)

Firmware Vodafone E9X0Upgrade

Huawei B153 WebCube Firmware Upgrade

Huawei B183 WebCube Firmware / Software Upgrade

Download Firmware Update Huawei B593s-42  Update_11.

Download Firmware Update Huawei B593u-91 Update (Elisa Finnish)

Download Firmware update Huawei B593 V100R001C55SP102.tar.bz2

Download Firmware Update Huawei B593u-12 V100R001C26SP054 (Telia)

Download Firmware Update Huawei B593u-91 V100R001C82SP070

Download Firmware Update Huawei B593u-91 V100R001C82SP055

Download Firmware Update Huawei B593-u91 (Mobily Saudi Arabia)

Download Firmware Update Huawei B593u-91 Mobily (Saudi Arabia)

Download B593u-91  Firmware Update Version V100R001C82SP102

At the last, I want to tell the most important thing that firmware / WebUI change/upgrade may your device dead/brick. So, If you are proceeding with any firmware / WebUI upgrade, it is solely your responsibilities of the damage of your device.


  1. Hello Kamlesh Kumar, good day, kindly send the firmware password for my Huwaei E5336 with IMEI: 864541021790157..Thank you and more power…

  2. what is the default password of the e5536bs-6 i already flash it.. but the screen doesnt apppear the password i try to wps it connect when i enter in dashboard i cant login admin is the password of the dashboard but i cant go to sms update etc… i cant change the password and i dont know the password :'(

  3. what is your firmware password for my Huawei e5336bs-6? IMEI #864541020184733.
    can I use your firmware if my version is

  4. How can i unlock my Huawei 4G Cloud Device,
    IMEI: 866162023608020
    Model: E5573s-320

    It would be great of you, if you share process with me…:)

  5. what is the differnce between general and normal firmware ? which should i install ? i am using e5573s-320 which was locked by zong but it is now unlocked. please tell me!! thanks

    • i updated it to the genral one. the device wasn’t working.. so i lucikly had the downgrade and it worked…. please tell me the fix

    • i upgrade it to the genral one and it stopped working. luckily i had the downgrade so its working again. please again tell me the difference between both

      • How did you manage to unlock your zong e5573s-320 device? mine is already permanently locked and there is no way I can enter unlock code or flash the firmware. Can you please help?

        • I managed to unlock it using a method i found on the thread itdunya website forum. It worked. I was lucky that i found the device from old stock from a zong franchise that was on an older firmware. If you want to unlock ur new device, u’ll have to dowgrade it first. The downgrade method is very difficult to follow and your device could die as it involves opening your e5378-320 and short circuiting its board. After downgrading u can unlock it but advice you not to follow the downgrading method if u donot have any experience with this kind of thing. You can find the tutorial on Youtube. Uploaders name is salluhassan 🙂

  6. I upgraded to latest software n few mins later my E5573s – 320 started blinking.. N now it’s not working, idk what’s wrong, no internet, just 2 green lights are blinking.. It’s been 5 days now

  7. Hi Kamlesh!!!!

    I have an E5573 that i want to unlock.
    The IMEI is: 866079022605973
    Can you send me the FW code? Thanks!!!!!

  8. Sir I updated the web ui with the update given above for e5573s-606 and it is not getting registered to 3 g and 4g net work .
    Do u have the original version
    Pls help

  9. mere pas zong E5573s-320 hay

    during downgrad error 17 ata hay. error hay k yeh software is device k liye nai hay

    current installed Software version:
    Web UI version:

    downloaded firmware is Huawei_E5573s-320_Firmware_21.

    any solution

  10. HI I am using huawei e5573s-606 for Airtel 4G. I am not able to detect the wifi signals also & even not able to connect with the USB cable, I was tried to unlock the device, but i dont know what went wrong, kindly help if you know something…….

  11. I need to unlock E5573s-320
    During downgrade I get an erfor i.e. Error code:17, the wireless terminal inserted is not…

  12. Will web ui for Huwaii e5573-320 original firmware and web ui which have install that firmware or web ui giving me the problem of change network automatically to 2g now I want to install this web ui will I able to install it{ }WEBUI_17.]]]]]]]

      • Problem for me is that that I need signal selecting same as (only 2gonly 3g,only 4g)option I need. But my device signal is surh menualy if I select 3g on it.it comes to 2g please help e557-320 device unlock with software version
        Web ui

  13. my airtel e5573s 606 modem imei changed to 00000000000000
    please suggest a solution or provide airtel customized firmware and web ui for e5573s-606

  14. Problem for me is that that I need signal selecting same as (only 2gonly 3g,only 4g)option I need. But my device signal is surh menualy if I select 3g on it.it comes to 2g please help e557-320 device unlock with software version
    Web ui

  15. Dear sir Kindly Add Reliance Jio 4g Apn or manual apn setting kindly provide me apn editable firmware e5573s 606 call 9882202278

  16. i successfully updated my pocket wifi but i cant get into the dashboard to configure it, what is the Dashboard username password i used this Huawei_E5336Bs_WebUI_17.

  17. hi kamlesh kumar ,

    i tried flashing my mifi E5573s-320 failed to flash and now only shows 2 solid green lights nonstop
    What should i do brother

  18. hi may i know the password for my E5573s-320 imei is 866162028645894 software version: 21.316.03.00.238 .. i need to downgrade..thanks sir

  19. Hi..please what is my password here is mine E5573s-320
    imei: 866162028645894
    software version: 21.316.03.00.238
    thank you in advance sir

  20. enock kazige May 25, 2016 at 6:04 pm
    hi kamlesh kumar ,

    i tried flashing my mifi E5573s-320 failed to flash and now only shows 2 solid green lights nonstop
    What should i do brother

  21. Can you please help me with my Huawei E5573s-320 formerlly locked to smart here in the Philippines. I shot the board follwing the video. I already fixed the IMEI 00000000 problem and also the serial number oroblem wss fixed. But as I updated to Firmware 21.180.xx.xx. I forgot to update the webui. Then,as I tried to downgrade it to lower firmware version, Error #12 code appeared. After that I cannot detect it in my pc. Please help me with this.

  22. Please help with my E5573s-320 formerly locked to smart here in Philippines. I shot the board and ws able to downgrade to 21.110.xx.xx but forgot to update webui. I was able to fixed the IMEI and S/N problem. Then I upgraded it to 21.180.xx.xx. After that i got error 12 and cannot detect it in my pc. Please help me. Thank you.

  23. dear sir i up date fireware Huawei E5573s-606 Firmware General
    But device nor shown on pc or wifi

  24. Hi Kamlesh

    I am looking if there is a current firmware update on the B593s-601, Below is the current information.

    Model: B593s-601
    IMEI: 866943010863763
    Firmware version: V200R001B270D00SP00C00

  25. Please i have problem with my huawei device. after i updated the firmware and it shows firmware update successful, the device can not start up again. when i do put it on it will shows its on but after some seconds the battery light will go off and the signal light stays on but not connectivity. I even tried to reset it through the pin reset but it will never respond to the resetting. Please help me what should i do to restore my device back??

  26. plz support to unlock this device.
    Device name: E5336s-2
    IMEI: 863618020780651
    Hardware version: CH1E5336SM
    Software version:
    Web UI version:

  27. need latest 21.315 firmware, after shot boot method flashed with and 21.200 also, but in network mode – Network Search – auto only found, unable to 3G only, 2G only option.

  28. Dear Kamalesh kumar ,
    My huawei wifi hotspot model no. E5573s-606. I am trying to unlock it. When I am trying to install firmware ver. it shows error code 19. Please tell me how can i solve this problem?

  29. please my frimware ask me the datalock code . please help me. my imie is 866837025850825. my modem is huawei E5573s-856 . wath is the erreur code 17 and erreur code 13. help me. thk

  30. Hai! guys i need your help !, i Have Huawei E5573s-607 Device in my country this product name are Smartfren Andromax M2P i have some problem after downdgrade,unlock,and instaling update this device
    1. i can’t detect the router wifi
    2. the router failed to connect to the network and no signal

  31. Good afternoon,
    How about Vodafone 4G MiFi device, restricted to only Vodafone. Can it be unlocked.
    IMEI: 862075030125966
    Model: M028T

  32. Hello Sir,

    I am having Huawei (airtel) E5573 unlocked, would like to ask can I make call through it using any software or method. Tried latest Mobile Partner with driver installed, but it doesn’t detects the device.
    Please help me.

  33. DEAR
    plz send unlock
    Device name: E5336Bs-2
    IMEI: 864345028143927
    IMSI : 634011180332213
    My number: Unknown
    Hardware version: CH1E5330SM04
    Software version:
    Web UI version:

  34. I downgraded my new huawei e5573cs-322 to E5573Cs-322TCPU-21.318.99.03.00_Firmware_Normal successfully, after that i could not access
    I tried updating dashboard to see if i could access it but no luck. I also tried updating webui but got a code 39 error, the current version of webui was I can access the com port through putty and AT command works but all data wiped. AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 show 0s through out. Please help me, i need to be able to access Thanks

  35. hi, i upgraded my E5573S-320 modem to E5573_Update_21.316.03.00.965 from your thread.Now i wish to downgrade and unlock but it shows error 19.
    IMEI: 866162024856388
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM01
    Software version: 21.316.03.00.965
    Web UI version: whicj flashcode i should enter ? help pls

  36. Please I need your help,
    I shotboot an E5573Cs-322 and loaded the E5573Cs loader, using Balong, then flashed it with the 21.318.99.03.00 firmware, then I also installed the WEBUI_17., after which I later flashed it with the 21.318.03.00.00 firmware. It is actually unlocked and working fine, but the problem now, like I said earlier is that the moment it is powered off and powered on back, the 2 lights will be blinking as if it is still in that Balong stage, and it won’t stop until it is reflashed again. What can I do to make it stable?

  37. This process Not working……

    Plz send supported firmware for firmware 21.315.*.*.*.huawei E5573e-606.

    21.110……and 21.180…and 21.200….not working….

  38. E5573s-606
    IMEI: 866079025630929
    IMSI : 404149501412023
    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM
    Software version:
    Web UI version:
    dataunlock code=?

  39. Hi Kamlesh

    I tried unlock procedure. during first step its ask for a password post detecting port and says ready to download drivers but the moment I provide password (Flash code generated using IMEI using universal master code). It reboots the wifi router (Airtel 4G hotspot) and then gives error 19 download failed and aborts.

    Not able to proceed after this.
    Also give (Error 10 Post finding failed)after firmware failure.

    Pls guide.


  40. It gives me error code 17 , the wireless inserted isnot firmware plz help . Its model is e5336s-2 and i downloaded e5336bs as I didn’t find my model solution plz – many thanks

  41. Hello , if the unlock code same as firmware password? Can i using huawei unlock code? Whats your recommended for software version?. Thanks

  42. sir ji mere pass Huawei Airtel E5573s-606 router h jo maine unlock to kar diya h lekin ye 4G network detect nhi kar rha h 3G or 2G network sabhi ka serch kar rha h lekin 4G network serch hi nahi kar rha please tell me solution

  43. Pls help..i successfully​ unlocked my Huawei e5573s-320 to use all sim card. But i am having problem connecting to 4G…connects fast and easy on 3G..

  44. I cant find my port am using huawei mifi E5773-606 i tried updating it but i didnt find my port port i got,Errpr code 10,find port failed

  45. Repost:

    I have E5573s-606 Airtel Unlocked Device. As I forgot the admin password, I started to replace the firmware and ended in half dead device. To repair again I followed the procedure.

    I installed the driveres and connected the device to computer by short circuiting as explained in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk3_JQFCwoY&t=337s) as well as on your website.
    I used flasher file from (https://routerunlock.com/download-usb-loader-huawei-e5573s-router/) to flash the device.
    and used different firmwares to update the device. The firmware update showed the success!. But now I am not able to switch it on. I found different types of error as follows.

    1) https://routerunlock.com/download-huawei-e5573s-806-firmware-update-21-200-11-00-00/ –> Red light blinks for 2 seconds and it becomes dead again.
    2) https://routerunlock.com/download-huawei-e5573s-606-firmware-21-110-99-03-00-general/ –> no light , no response
    3) https://routerunlock.com/download-airtel-e5573s-606-huawei-original-firmware-21-180-17-01-284/ –> Same as No 1.(Red light blinks for 2 seconds and it becomes dead again.)

    Have I missed something here. Please guide. Thank you.

  46. Hello I have a Huawei airtel 4g hotsopt how can i unlock it.
    IMEI – 861350030537929
    Please help and reply me sir
    Firmware code can’t be done

  47. I have unlocked the E5573s-606 . with firmware .
    WebUI : Update_WEBUI_17. . Now modem is detected by PC and DC Unlocker tool with these details.
    Found modem : E5573s-606
    Model : Huawei E5573 (untested)
    IMEI : 000000000000000
    Serial NR. : 0123456789ABCDEF
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Oct 16 2014 14:17:46

    But its wifi or webUI is not accessible at all. Cant connect to it on any IP . Network LED stay on and battery LED get turned off after few seconds. Please help.

  48. Dear i have a device huawai e5573-c2f6 i am facing problem while selection of network . With this device i cant select the device preffered network manually there is only one option automatic what should i do ?

  49. kindly please send password to firmware update And unlock code
    Huwaei E5573s-320
    IMEI :: 866162029908317

    And also please tell if E5573-320 is checked or trusted (you tried personally before)?

  50. Hi. I have huawei, with (this DC-Unlock message):
    Found modem: E5573s-508
    Model: Huawei E5573 (untested)
    IMEI: 867421023022643
    Serial NR. : 3LKDU16C10006366
    Dashboard version: WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status: unlocked
    Wrong codes entered: 0 (unlock attempts left: 10)

    For unlock, may require firmware change, check tutorial or contact support

    Do you know if there is another firmware, that works well? since the UNCLONK, but the firmware that final update is: (Huawei_E5573s-156_Firmware_21., then it stayed that way.
    do you have an UPDATE for E5573s-508?
    Thank you

  51. Have an unlocked E5573 but can’t access WebUI because someone changed the default admin username and password and forgot it. So everything is working fine except Jio because I am unable to setup access point without access to WebUI. Is there any solution to it?

  52. My unlocked Airtel version of 5573s-606 was working fine for 6 months.. now suddenly it stops showing WiFi.wifi led goes red. When there’s no Sim inserted, WiFi led is mostly green and I can connect to WiFi without any internet.. when I try to open huwaei hilink app and do something there, WiFi goes red again and gets disconnected… Is there any way to fix it.. or should a ditch the device.. could you please check it on payment??

  53. Hi , can you please help me when i want to update web ui for huawei E5573Bs-320 there is lock code and i don’t have yet. my imei number: 356904061101484

    thank’s before

  54. I had problem with my Huawei-e5336bs-2. DO NOT POWER OFF is displaying on the screen.
    and not remove …
    how i can remove it pleas …
    3 month with this problem pleas help me .

  55. Dear Sir,
    This is airtel latest dashboard and security based device it is asking for data unlock code while updating firmware . today i had purchased new MIFI IMEI Number is 861350034211661 please provide data unlock code as firmware code not working

  56. HI THERE
    DEVICE : E5573s – 606
    IMEI : 866079028342035

  57. Good day admin, i have an e5573s-606 moderm and did an upgrade on it , it stop displaying SSID and only displays light the imei code is 866079021003477, i have a feeling that the firmware was a wrong one.

  58. Hi, I have an Glo hauwei E55336BS-2 model. I have unlocked the modem but ever since I unlocked it, It hasn’t received 3g network. I tried flashing it by installing another firmware but I can’t succeed with the process. I always say the firmware is signed. Please, can I get a signed firmware I can use to flash the glo’s signed firmware?


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