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Network Unlock or NCK code for ZTE Phone, Router, Gateway, Tablet

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From here you can order unlock code for all ZTE IMEI (phone, modem, router) of any country and any network.

Before placing the order, change the SIM card and check; it should prompt NCK / Unlock Code / SIM Network Unlock PIN, and attempts should be left to enter the code. If you don’t know how to check the unlocking attempts, refer to unlocking instructions.

Please, don’t order an unlock code for the latest ZTE phones, which comes from T-Mobile, AT&T USA, and MetroPCS, if it has “Device Unlock App” installed. You need to order a “Device Unlock App.”



    • If the device prompts for ‘sim network unlock pin’ after changing the simcard and attempts are left to enter the code then only place the order. Very rare chances that codes will be available.

  1. Took a little longer than 24 hours but the code works 🙂 i still had to figure out how/where to enter the information (using an IP adress via web browser).

  2. How to update the firmware of ZTE MF 920V ? I have the firmware files but I don’t have the utility/tool for the update.

  3. please who can help me unlock my zte z999 the attempts is not show any attempts again and the carrier is at&t

  4. I bought an Airtel ZTE mf970v modem and after 2 months of usage it stopped seeing 4G sim cards then now it doesn’t even see any sim card either 3G or 4G. Please i need your help. the modem is just barely 4 months old.

  5. Why not just provide the ZTE MF920w+ Firmware is used to replace the MTN Firmware. It’s free online and you’re charging for it?

  6. what do I need to make my ZTE MF710M read other operators’ sim cards (my country is Algeria) ? a code or what ?

  7. am using a vodafone ZTE R226-Z Router in Ghana when i insert another sim the network shows but when i try to connect data it doesnt connect…. what is the problem with ma device?

  8. Hi,
    You earlier said the servers were down.
    Can you unlock ZTE now?
    ZTE MF286 MTN NIgeria.
    I have done the check already and it asks for Unlock Code.

  9. Hola una consulta es posible el desbloqueo de un router ZTE MF253v en chile? es de la compañía WOM y cuánto seria el costo agradecería mucho su respuesta

  10. Hello, I have a zte mf275r and it was on the Telus network. When I insert a at&t sim card and login it says no sim or sim card invalid. Since it doesn’t prompt me to enter a code, can it not be unlocked?

  11. How about Zte mf286A router locked to airtel Uganda SIM card. When I place in different SIM card it doesn’t ask for unlock code. Can it be unlocked?

  12. ZTE mf927u, locked by jazz(mobilink) Pakistan.
    ZTE mf920v, locked by charji(Ufone) Pakistan.

    Any way of unlocking them??
    Are codes available??

  13. I need to unlock ZTE router MF927U it requires an unlock code to connect using another service provider its an. Mtn router so i would like to use. My rain sim card please i need. Assistance and

  14. Hi Guys it seems that the device ZTE 3Webgate 3 for the network Drei is currently not unlock-able. Could you please confirm. kind regards

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