We have found a new tool, the Huawei Temp Unlocking V1.0. This tool is used to unlock any new modem for temporarily. Means, the Huawei modem will be unlocked till it is connected to PC. Once removed from PC, it will be locked again.
Huawei Temporary unlocking tool
Huawei Temporary unlocking tool

To use this tool just download the software from the link which is provided at the end of the article. Unzip it using WinRAR software and run the tool. It will show you the model of your modem, connected COM port, IMEI number and status of the device as locked or unlocked.

This is really a great tool. Users who have the latest modems of Aircel and Idea E303 can try this app to unlock it temporarily. If it works for you then please comment with your modem’s model number on which it worked or not to help others.

Download Huawei Temporary Unlocking Tool V1.0


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