I had already written about unlocking of Huawei mobile wifi E5372 (Smart Philippines), Huawei E5372 (Saudi Arabia Zain), and Huawei E5372 (Switzerland Sunrise). Previously, I have successfully unlocked E5372 of Orange brand. Today, I am sharing with you all types of firmware, which might be helpful for you.

Huawei E5372 LTE Cat4 Mobile WiFi Hotspot
Huawei E5372 LTE Cat4 Mobile WiFi Hotspot
Download Dashboard / WebUI Huawei E5372s-32 MTS Russia 21.9 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (Sunrise Switzerland) 19.6 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (Zain Saudi Arabia) 19.5 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (Orange Switzerland) 19.6 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (Bouygues France) 19.6 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (OpenMarket Germany) 35.6 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 Optimus Portugal 35.6 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (Altel Kazakhstan) 57.6 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (Empyrean Philippines) 35.5 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372 Megafon Russia 57.1 MiB
Download Firmware Huawei E5372s-32 (MTS Russia) 35.7 MiB
Download Firmware Update Huawei E5372s-32 (Europe) 111.9 MiB
Download Firmware Update Huawei E5372s-32 (Universal) 89.7 MiB
Download Firmware Update Huawei E5372s-601 (Universal) 19.5 MiB


Unlocking for Huawei E5372 WiFi mobile router has been already described. I also want to mention here that unlocking charge for Huawei E5372 and Huawei E5170 WiFi Router is 6 USD. Other than E5372 and E5170 routers unlock code, you can get in only 2.38 USD, which you can pay through PayPal button.

From now, all firmware and software update which is related to Huawei E5372 WiFi MiFi router will be updated in this article.

Keep visiting, I will upload more and more Huawei and ZTE firmware very soon.

Update :

Download Huawei E5372 WebUI DashBoard Update (English / Arabian / Password : Huawei)

Download Unbranded Vodafone R215 Update WEBUI E5 V7R1 V3R2 (Also useful for Huawei E5372)

Download Firmware Speedport LTE II (Germany) B593s-12 V200R001B180D35SP01C748

E5372s-32 WEBUI-V100R003B100D06SP00C03 Universal 05011MUN (No Brand and Multi-Language) (Thanks to Fakiro)

E5372s-32_WEBUI-V100R003B100D08SP00C414 Germany Open market Update WEBUI E5 V7R1 V3R2 (English and German)


  1. Please, the Unlock Code!
    IMEI | SERIAL Number:

    Vodafone R215 / Huawei E5372
    Vodafone Germany

    Thank You

  2. Sorry, my Vodafone R 215 is unlocked, shit…stupid!!

    I have the Vodafone R215 German that is unlocked and I would like to flash
    it to the original Huawei Firmware (Firmware Huawei E5372 OpenMarket Germany). I have already downloaded the version, may I have the password (Kennwort) for the Vodafone R215. I need the password (kennwort) to install the firmware.
    My IMEI is 358151050124600

    Vodafone R215
    Vodafone Germany

  3. Hi,
    I have bought a MiFi from Vodafone – the R215 in Germany, too. It seems to be unlocked but terrible to change the provider other than vodafone. So I guess it would be the best to install the original Huawei soft-/firmware on it. So I guess I can use all LTE bands for germany, not only the 3 Vodafone is using. And I hope to get the WLAN-Repeater function.

    1. Which one of the files I should chose from the above for germany and my model?
    2. Is it the original firmware or can I get the original after install one of the above?
    3. What is the install code for the IMEI of my MiFi 358151050685329?
    4. Where I can get the firmware which is now on the MiFi (for recovery in case of warranty)?

    Thanks for your answers.

      • Thanks for your quick response!
        At the moment, the software version on it is V2.0 (2.013.6104) and the german version. Would it works with the australian one to revert?

        You suggest to use an universal version. All of them are for the Huawei 5372s – I don’t know the difference between the 5372 and the 5372s32 neither which version I have (I guess, 5372). What are the differences, how can I see which model version it is?

        And which universal file will be the best? The big Europe one (111,9 MB) or the universal with 89,7 MB or 19,5 MB?

        Will the code work with all of them and is it possible to over-flash to try out with the code?

        Thank you for your support.

        • Different firmware have different bands depends upon the countries. Hence, manufacture gives sub-model marking to recognize it. One firmware can be interchanged with another one.

  4. Hi,

    My modem info::

    Found modem : E5372
    Model : Huawei E5372
    IMEI : 863959020278506
    Serial NR. : P4UFGA9441717419
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Mar 27 2014 15:35:09
    Hardware ver. : CL1E5372SM06
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_15.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

    I tried using the password for the universal firmware 358151050685329 but failed, can you advise? A little info, I have also tried to hash reset the Unlock Code Counter using the AT^CARDLOCK but all I get is +CME ERROR: 50

    Please Advice, Thank You.

    Monyet Lu

  5. hi

    I wish change software with Firmware Update Huawei E5372s-32 (Europe)

    but ask me for code ? Please help

    my Device name:E5372IMEI:860650020831500IMSI :284130000018898My Hardware version:CL1E5372SM

  6. I want to rewrite firmware : E5372s-601 (Universal)

    I need password for upgrade the firmware, please hel,
    My device Info :
    Device name:E5372sIMEI:863959020456540IMSI :510881170037027Hardware version:CL1E5372SM06Software version: UI version:

  7. Hello, I want to change the firmware of my device, can you please give me the firmware code?

    Model : Huawei E5372
    IMEI : 862598021197736

  8. Hi,
    I want to rewrite with Firmware Huawei E5372s-32 (Universal)

    IMEI : 863959020406172

    could you give me the firmware code?

  9. Dear Kamlesh kumar, i want to unlock my Huawei E5372s with IMEI : 863959020356419. Could you give me a firmware code too ? Thanks 🙂

  10. i have an unlocked R215 on Vodafone UK can you please give me the firmware update code for IMEI 358151050791721

  11. Hello, I have a unlocked modem from TELSTRA australia. Now I would like to place the original firmware in the modem (downloaded Firmware Update Huawei E5372s-32 (Europe) from your site). The update program asks for a password. Do you have this password?

  12. Hello, I have a ZAIN Saudi Arabia HUAWEI E5372 with IMEI: 860650025554560 and Software Version: Could you please provide a code for unlocking. Thank you!

  13. Hi, I have a unlocked modem from TELSTRA australia. I would like to put the orginal firmware on that. I could find anything on the GUI to do that. How can I upload the firmware

  14. Hello, I have a deny wijaya indonesia HUAWEI E5372 with IMEI :863959020058841and Software Version: Could you please provide a code for unlocking. Thank you!

  15. Hello, I have MIFI BOLT( indonesia ) HUAWEI E5372 with IMEI
    :863959020207737 and Software Version: Could you please
    provide a code for firmware code. Thank you!

  16. Hi,
    Vodafone have recently introduced the Huawei R215 to qatar, it is not locked but I would like to revert back to the Huawei firmware and remove the vodafone.
    Can you advise which firmware to flash with from your current selection and the firmware code to use.

  17. Hi Kamlesh
    everything installed except one
    message reads
    usbcacm_6&3294088c&0&0000_00 No driver found
    is this a problem ?
    Should I reinstall ?

    • According to the error message usbcacm_6&3294088c&0&0000_00 No driver found
      some driver is missing, if your device is working as expected, i will not recommend to re-install the firmware again.

  18. I am having a few problems
    the router no longer picks up 4G it is on H+
    the vodafone software is still in control and I can no longer log in with Device Error (108006)
    I get battery needs charged message while battery is fully charged and plugged in

    • the router no longer picks up 4G it is on H+, is a basic problem with 4G device, another network does not pick up the 4G network. For another issues you can re-install the firmware, however, I hope the same firmware will not rectify the issue issue.

  19. I originally installed the 32 firmware

    should I use the 601 firmware to try and fix ?

  20. when I look at the device manager the huawei mobile connect only identifies 3g interfaces, I also noted while I was able to access the router earlier when I was resetting to default that where I previously had IPv4/IPv6 I now only have IPv4
    I have flashed with the 601 firmware and the logo on the router has changed from huawei to FTM
    what can I do
    please help

  21. I have reflashed with the 32 firmware but have same problems as I had when I flashed the first time.at least I’m not locked out, is it possible the router is locked but allows use of other networks ?

  22. Hello
    I have a Vodafone R215
    I will update the Firmware from Huwaei E5372.
    What is the password code.
    My Imei is 358151050687697.
    My Router is unlocket.


  23. Hello
    I will update the Firmware from Huwaei E5372.
    What is the password code.
    My Imei is 860650022660436.
    My Router is unlocked.

  24. hi kumar, i have try all firmware but your firmware to old than my modem
    Device name : E5372s
    Software version :
    Web UI version :
    thank’s before 🙂

  25. Hi Kumar, My Huawei E5372S Imei is 863959021055440. Could you provide me the upgrade pass code ? Thank’s.

  26. Hi Kumar, My Huawei E5372S Imei is 863959021102085. Could you provide me the upgrade pass code ? Thank’s.

  27. Hi i like to updae my e5372 router the imei is:860650025699803 and the model: MegaFon MR100-3 i like to upgrade to the E5372_Update_21. Please can give me some one the unlock code.- Thanks i advanced !!

  28. Many Thanks
    another question . how can i Change the WEB ui to the Standard Huawei Webui? is there any reaseon?

  29. Thanks for the fast Replay
    Yes, i like to chage the Webui to the original WebUi of huawei. unfortunatly i do not have this.
    Is ther e a link to download this WebUi or can someone send me this?

  30. Hi kumar,
    Thanks for the code.
    I want to Chance the firmware Vodafone of Huawei, it slow password.
    Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (OpenMarket Germany).
    Can You Please gute me.


  32. Hello, could you give the firmware code for my e5372s-32 IMEI:860650020460268 ???


  33. I was download updating firmware for my e5372s universal from you website and i need password for use it. Who i get the password?

  34. I want to ask, Do you have a dashboard for huawei E5372S (BOLT INDONESIA) , webui_15. ?

  35. have done with Flash code only unlock code is needed regarding USD 6 I cant pay it to you as I don’t have any credit card neither paypal account. By the way Thanx for your help.

  36. Hi Kamlesh Kumar..
    I already bought a modem Huawei E5372s BOLT WiFi MiFi Router from indonesia,

    This modem already unlock..
    but I wear in malaysia, can not detect 4g .. only detect 3g network..
    as far i know those LTE in Malaysia supporting 1800 & 2600 mhz
    help me sir ..

    Model E5372s
    IMEI : 86395920184894
    kindly provide me unlock code for this

    hopefully u can help me

  37. Hello Kamlesh, can you help me to find my original webui? When I flash other firmware always remains the Russian MTS webui.

  38. I have a r215 unlocked Vodafone Portugal and want to put the Europe E5372 firmware and it ask me for a code

  39. I have the issue that the internet connection (not the device itself) hangs after a few seconds whenever I download at high speed (>10MBit). Need to switch on and off or connect and disconnect to mobile network to recover. I tried all different firmwares now. I tried two different devices. Error is happeneing everywhere and is reproducible. Ever heard about it?

  40. hi sir ,
    I have the issue that the my modem BOLT E5372s use Band 2300 mhz,
    but currently i use in Malaysia Band is 2600mhz

    i tried to change in MDMA setting..when i click apply button, the setting automatic to 2300mhz back..
    how yea sir.. T.T

    • Really I want to try to flash another firmware version, to decustomize from Bolt. Anyone had tried any particular firmware version on this E5372s router (with full decustomization)….thanks to all!

  41. Hi

    Kamlesh Kumar, i have bolt slim same with fakiro (E5372s Bolt Indonesia v. i want to update firmware. kindly please firmware code for 863959020882026. thanks

  42. Hi Kamlesh,I ‘ve got an Huawei’s E5375 mifi’s firmware form “http://update.hicloud.com:8180/TDS/data/files/p9/s43/G226/g0/v9192/f2/full/E5375_update_21.” But I can’t find the local file update in the mifi’s update page. So what tool can I flash the firmware to the mifi? Thanks

  43. Hi, thank you for your previous assistance. I will like
    to unlock the Huawei E5372s-601 IMEI: 862554020287952. Must I upgrade the firmware
    before it can be unlocked? I have paid to someone (NOT YOU) who provided me
    with these codes, Unlock code: 61510841 Flash code: 66867932 but the Unlock code did
    not unlock it. Can you unlock it? I Understand you charge $6 for unlock code; please advice and give details for payment.Thank you.

  44. Download Dashboard / WebUi Huawei E5372s-32 MTS Russia is a customized version. There is any WebUi not customized, original Huawei ???
    Thanks to all

  45. Hello, I have a Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R215 which is a brandet E5372.
    I like to debrand the device with Firmware Huawei E5372 (OpenMarket Germany)
    When I start the Update it ask for an “Unlock Code”. My IMEI is 358151050326486
    Could you create the unlock code for that device?
    The seller told me that it has no Simlock, just the branding…
    Please reply. Thank you!

  46. Hi BlueCity,

    you do not need an unlock code only the Flash Code= 47915240 for your device.

    P.S. Can you tell me here when you have successfully removed vodafone branding? Thx

  47. Hi there, I like to debrand Vodafone R215 (branded E5372). Update to OpenMarket Germany requires an Unlock-Code (there are 2 tries left). My IMEI is 358151050504850. Please check if UNLOCK-Code is available

  48. Hi, need Unlock code for updating the 358151050013803. Its a german
    vodafone branded device. what firmwares can i use to remove the
    limitations of the branding?


  49. Hi Kamlesh,

    I tried to flash the E5372 (OpenMarket Germany) to my E5372 which is right now branded as a Vodafone R215. The device is not Sim or net-locked. But when I try to install the OpenMarket Germany firmware I am asked for a password. Could you please provide me a code for my IMEI 358151050199172?

    Thank you very much!

  50. Hello, I have bought a device which is unlocked, but would like to flash the firmware to remove the branding. The firmware from this page asks for a password, could you please send me one? The IMEI is 862598021111893. Thank you very much !

  51. Hi, i need the Firmware code for unbranding with IMEI: 358151050374239. Its a german
    unlocked but branded vodafone device.

  52. Hello, I have bought a device which is unlocked, but would like to
    flash the firmware to remove the branding. The firmware from this page
    asks for a password, could you please send me one? The IMEI is
    863959020167881. Thank you very much !

  53. Hi Kamlesh

    Can you kindly provide the Firmware code for unbranding with IMEI: 358151050775815. Its a Portuguese device branded to vodafone.

  54. HI Kamlesh,

    Can I get the flash code of your firmware?

    Here is my IMEI 862557020003196 , my device is from philippines.

    Thank You!

  55. Hello! Could you please can unlock my Huawei E5372s-32 from Optimus (Portugal) with IMEI 860650020766417 with firmware

  56. Kamlesh. I just received an unlocked device and I am having a lot of problems. IMEI 863959020925106. Software version: and web UI version – so my problems are twofold: 1) the web UI doens’t have any words just the icons for the menu screens. I have downloaded the update file above but I get an error code where it says it can’t find the port. 2) I can’t connect to the LTE network of my sim card – I have no idea why – I likely will go back to my carrier – I have tested the SIM card in a tablet and it works just not the mobile wifi. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Another network provider 4G LTE does not work on unlocked device, If want to change the firmware then first read a few comments, then proceed 863959020925106 Firmware code = 40803694

      • Sorry I guess I need more experience, but i have the firmware downloaded for the universal you have above and when I try to install it – I get an error code stating that it can’t find the port. I know the device is connected properly to my PC. Do you have any guidance on that?

  57. hi i have a bolt huawei e5372s imei 863959022027976 i make the web update and now i cant see the menu, im not sure if its loked, but it dont shows me any message of lock, only not connect to any carrier, i live in ecuador

  58. Hallo, dear Mr. Kumar, I have unlocked device Huawei e7352s with the logo of Bolt and preset frequency 2300 MHz! My IMEI is 863959020804756. Please send me the flash code for the firmware for Europe. The frequency of 4G LTE operator in Bulgaria is 1800MHz Band 3 FDD. Thank you!

  59. Hi. Are any of the firmware updates above for the E5372? I have one bought from 3 UK and don’t want to update with the wrong firmware. My IMEI is 8606500225227878. I’ve already unlocked the router and it can connect to other networks OK, but then despite being connected to both the network and to say a laptop, the laptop can’t make use of the connection. Am hoping a firmware update will fix it. Thanks.

    • I had a similar problem with the 3 firmware (…the modem kept blocking the mobile data and presenting the iPad with a holding page even when there was full strength on both sides. It also put up the webpage and asked for the admin login…which makes the iPad think it is a hotel-style hotspot – useless. Reported it to Huawei who were helpful but said no fault found. Downgrading to 32 (Universal) from Kamlesh’s site has fixed it and it works so much better now.

      • Mark -many thanks for that. Really helpful! Sounds like it’s an issue more generally with 3’s firmware version of this router then. Have downloaded the universal version you recommended and will report back once I’ve installed.

  60. Hi Kamlesh Kumar,
    There is the firmware version: (Compile date/time: Nov 01 2013 18:16:54), and thre Dashboard version : WEBUI_13. ???
    They are from Orange France.
    Thanks in advance

  61. Hi kamlesh,

    Thank you for this page.

    Can you please send the code for IMEI 860650022349584

    Is there any firmware you can advice?
    I’ve a E5372 / Portugal / Kanguru (OPTIMUS/NOS)

    See you

  62. Please help to me where i can download original firmware E5372Ts-601TCPU-V200R001B270D05SP00C76 or E5372 (STC Saudi Arabia). Thanks

  63. Hi Mr. Kamlesh.

    I have issue with my Huawie e5372, when i turn on the menu is disperse and couldn’t connect to the device from mobile on laptop by wifi and when connected to PC by cable it not work, this issue happen after I try to update the device to make possible 10 device connect to wifi of device.

    I’am form erbil kurdstan iraq the device belong to Fastlink company in iraq.

  64. I am trying to connect my e5372 router to a enterprise secured wifi network through the WLAN repeater mode. However, I don’t see an option in this firmware to select “enterprise security wpa2” so that I can fill in a username AND password combination. Is there a new firmware version with this option?

  65. The current firmware version doesn’t seem to allow to connect to the sd card of the e5372, other than through the web interface. Is there a way to make a network connection to this sd card through for example //mifi_ip_adress/sdcard from file explorer on a PC?

  66. please could you send me the firmware code for updating my vodafone mobile wifi r215(E5372),
    IMEI : 358151051473238

    I have tried with the unlock code that I bought for use it with any carrier but it seems that is not the code, it’s correct?

  67. ok, thx!! but i find this code also…. my router say this code is wrong….
    What i can do?
    or i teste again?
    Cheers Marco

  68. thx for the fast answer!

    *i find this……..:


    Model No.: E5170 / IMEI: 864582010151027 / NEW UNLOCK CODE: 34260054

    Model No. :E5170IMEI :864582010151027NEW UNLOCK CODE :34260054
    *And this:


    Model No. :E5170

    IMEI :864582010151027

    NEW ALGO CODE :44333144

    OLD ALGO CODE :38528858

    FLASH CODE :57280377

  69. Sorry, but the first code, what do you send me is right?
    i testet one time and the programm say to me, it’s wrong…..
    maybe it’s my fault.
    i testet again…. i writing you…

  70. I flashed my UK Vofadone R215 with the “Huawei E5372s-32 (Europe)” file above, and now it is in a reboot loop. If I put it into firmware force mode, I can flash it with the Web UI updates, but this doesnt help. None of the firmware updates will now load, claiming that the device is not an E3572. Can anybody offer any help?

  71. Hello.. Could you please provide firmware upgrade code for 860650024014632 (optimus Portugal) ? Also, i want to debrand it and have the latest possible firmware. Could you please advise which one to use ?

    Thank you.

  72. Hello, I have an Huawei E5372 from Meo Portugal ( 864578013073507 ) witch I have already unlocked, now I want to update firmware and dashboard / webui. Witch version should I download? Do I need another code for the update, or as it is already unlocked it’s just flash the firmware?


  73. Hello, i have the Huawei E5372s-32 And my carrier “Faslink” has limited the deceive’s WiFi connectivity to only 2 connections

    how can i change that to make more than 2 devices connect over WiFi ?

    Software version:
    Web UI version:

  74. Hello, what is the default user name and password for E5372s-32 WEBUI-V100R003B100D06SP00C03 Universal 05011MUN (No Brand and Multi-Language) (Thanks to Fakiro)? I’ve downloaded it and it seems that the default login information has changed. Please help.


  76. Found modem : E5372

    Model : Huawei E5372 / MegaFon MR100-3

    IMEI : 860650029805653

    Serial NR. :

    Firmware :

    Compile date / time : Dec 30 2013 16:53:32

    Hardware ver. : CL1E5372SM

    Dashboard version : WEBUI_13.

    SIM Lock status : unlocked

  77. After updating my E5372s firmware to the above firmware. My username and password for admin control are not working anymore? what will be the default username password for the Huawei E5372s-32 (Universal). thanks

  78. Hello, I download the “Download Firmware Update Huawei E5372s-32 (Europe)” but I can not install it asks me for a password.

  79. guys please help… i flash my modem with Download Firmware Huawei E5372 (Empirean Philippines) but could not login to admin… using admin/admin, Admin/password, password1234, admin1234..reflashing didnt help either.. any suggestion?

  80. Guys, I advise that you only download the corresponding telco firmware in your device that it is locked to. Never download the universal as it has a different user/password . I mistakenly installed the universal and it rendered my device as useless because I lost the admin page. Spent 8USD to revert back to my telco firmware.

  81. Modem : E5372S-32
    IMIE : 864578016414039
    Can you give me the unlock code ?

    I have those :

    And it didn’t work with me

  82. Model:5372s-32
    IMEI: 862598021640941
    Can u pls give me the update password for Huawei E5372s-32 (Universal)

  83. Model:HUAWEI E5372s

    IMEI: 862598021094339

    please give me the update password for Huawei E5372s-32 (Europe)


  84. Hi, Can you help me solve this ? I’m facing an error while installing E5372s-32 WEBUI-V100R003B100D06SP00C03 Universal 05011MUN (No Brand and Multi-Language) (Thanks to Fakiro). It can’t detect the port. What should I do

  85. hi.. can i have a firmware or unlock code for my bolt IMEI : many thanks 862598022541718 862598022494801 862598022388839 862598022503726 862598022494504 862598022504195 862598022503841

    Thanks so much!

    • 862598022541718 Firmware code = 45030351

      862598022494801 Firmware code = 56388640

      862598022503726 Firmware code = 38814276

      862598022494504 Firmware code = 44615023

      862598022504195 Firmware code = 51079421

      862598022503841 Firmware code = 49358310

  86. hi I want update my e5372t firmware but need password.please help me

    please te me either What happen if somebody enters code wrong for three times?

  87. hi Kumar, would yo send me, where link i can download my bolt huawei E5372s, because i need to unlock this device using other operator in my country (Indonesia) and at province i live, i cannot get bolt signal, so that way i need to unlock this device to use other operator.