Huawei, ZTE, Micromax, Alcatel, and Novatel are the popular 3G/4G, modems / routers provider in the world. Huawei had earlier launched Huawei B260A, B960/E960, and B970 routers in various places and can not be unlocked with simple software which comes for unlocking of USB routers like card lock unlock tool, Huawei modem code writer tool, etc. These software’s supports only USB routers / modems and it can not detect the LAN port. Hence, Huawei B260A, B960, and B970 routers can not be unlocked by this software.

But, Huawei B260A, B960, and B970 Routers can be unlocked with FMC UnLock software (download link is provided at the end of the article). If your Huawei B260A, B960, and B970 routers have un-customised firmware then create a LAN connection between PC and your Huawei B260A, B960 or B970 router and then run FMC UnLock software.

Now click on Detect Device button and it will replicate the IMEI of your Huawei B260A, B960 or B970 router. Now in the password field, put NCK / unlock code of your IMEI and click on Unlock button (it will be highlighted only after detecting IMEI of your router / gateway).

Note : Make sure that you have disconnected from the internet and closed everything which is related to your Huawei B260A, B960, and B970 routers.

Note : Don’t use any wrong unlock codes into your Huawei B260A, B960 and B970 routers otherwise it will be locked permanently. Only pay 2.38 USD through PayPal button of this website and mention model with IMEI in the transaction. The required code will be emailed as soon as possible.

Download FMC Unlocker software free


    • How to Unlock STC E5172 (Saudi Telecom company) LTE CPE E5172s-920 ?anyone can help me unlockcode

  1. please help me to unlock my huawei LTE CPE E5172

    IMIE: 354641012842285
    MODEL: E5172s-927

    please reply…

    thank you & God bless….

  2. upgraded firmware of mobily router cpe b593u-91 from huawei but now it is demanding unlock code could u please tell how to get unlock code
    imei is 863168013125621

  3. Hi, Kamlesh, Am a Kenyan in Nairobi, want to know if its possible to unlock my Safaricom HUAWEI wireless gateway Model: B660, IMEI: 867710010130066.

  4. Hi there, are your still in business? I would ask you for an unlock code. I have a Huawei B260a. I’ll wait your answer. Thank you.

  5. please i would like to unlock my hawaii E5372s under spectranet Nigeria

    IMEI: 862554020115948

    please i would like to know if its possible to unlock it, and also is it possible for me to pay with my card, bcos paypal is kinda difficult to use here in Nigeria, you can open it, but to put funds into it is the problem..

  6. gud day sir…i have b593u-91 from saudi arabia..i used this for almost 8 months..but now its sim lock but there is no sim lock message display when i log in…can u help me????acctually i have no paypal account and how can i pay u..??

  7. Hi Kamlesh

    I have the below case:

    I bought a Huawei b593u-91 Mobily router a year back and it was working fine with an STC SIM card. Today it stopped working, and says “SIM lock has taken persistent effect. Please contact your operator”. I have tried 2 different SIM cards for STC operator (they are working fine on other devices), but the problem is still the same. Once I inserted a Mobily SIM card, the router went back to normal operation, however it did not connect successfully since the SIM does not have any credits/GB. Finally, there is NO PLACE to type an unlock code and my device IMIE number is : 863168013946703.
    Please advise.

  8. Hi Kamlesh,
    I’m from Saudi Arabia, using Quicknet 4G router. How can I unlock it using MacBook Air?

    Required details are as follows

    Network: STC
    Router: Huawei
    Model: E5172s – 920
    IMEI: 860453021014485

  9. Google huaweicodecalculator so you can get your free code or search over youtube for the following video: فك تشفير راوتر موبايلي الجديد هواوي B593 # سلسلة اكسر شفرتـك

  10. I have
    model: Huawei B681-24
    IMEI: 869205010334535
    its an stc 3g router here in Saudi Arabia.
    can u help me with It’s unlock code?

  11. Hello Kamlesh,

    Could you explain what do you mean with ” if the Router are un-customised firmware”?

    Do you mean, routers that are from an operator?

    In my case, I have a B970b router from Movistar Spain , and like to unlock it to be able to use it with SIM card of any other operator.

    the instructions that you give are good in this case?

    Thank you very much

  12. HI Kamlesh,

    I have Huawei E5172s-920 which is purchased from Dialog in Sri Lanka. Can this be unlocked ?

    IMEI : 860453022723498

    If it is possible, let me know and I will pay through paypal right away.


  13. hello mr.kamlesh
    is this router possible to unlock?
    im about to return to my country and I would like to use this with our local sim card.
    Huawei LTE CPE E5172
    Imei: 869763010615196

    • Change the default SIM with another network, plug to PC with LAN cable, login to router and search option for NCK / unlock / password and enter the code. If it is asking for code then Pay 2.38$ for router code through paypal button of and mention model and imei in transaction

  14. Hello Mr. Kamlesh
    I have Huawei LTE CPE B593 . Can this be unlocked?
    IMEI: 863168011714004
    Thanks you!

    By the way, I dont have Credit card for Paypal. How can i pay your sir Kamlesh?

  15. Hi Mr. Kamlesh,

    Just an inquiry regarding my Huawei B593u-91.

    I’m from the Philippines and my aunt bought a new Mobily 4G Router B593u-91 from Saudi Arabia. I used a Philippine local sim card and made the router work and enjoyed using the wireless router. But after a day, my connection was disconnected. I accessed the router and noticed that the sim card status is now Locked. Why is that I enjoyed using the local network sim and locked after a day? Do you have any idea regarding this? I’ll wait for your response. Thanks in advance.

  16. By the way, this is the IMEI for my device.

    IMEI: 863168010612605
    MODEL: B593u-91

    I can pay you to get the unlock code.

  17. I’ve the NEW ALGO CODE but I can not unlock the modem .. after entering Internet settings I get the following error message ( The SIM lock has taken persistent effect. Please contact your operator.)

    My model is B593U-91 And can not detected with FMC

    Any Help?

  18. Hello Kamlesh

    I am interested in getting the unlock code for my spectranet 4LTE router E5172s-920 model so as to unlock it. The Imei is 860453021867288. What next please.

  19. Hello Kamlesh,
    IMEI 355983033841626
    Model B970b
    i dont have any credit or paypal card i need the unlock code kindly tell me how can i pay you. and one thing more I am from Pakistan. so tell me how to pay in return of unlock code.

  20. Pls. I have Huawei B68L Router, but it doesnt show the Enter Unlock code option on the dashboard interface, and FMC Unlock does not detect it, do i do pls?

  21. hello my friend, any solution for huawei b662? the fmc unlocker v1.0 doesn’t work, cannot detect. any solution, by code or firmware? thanks.

          • Ah – ok. My Paypal ID was . Thx
            Best regards

            Christoph Kaiser

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  22. Hi Mr. Kamlesh, my name is Amri Munthe from Indonesia. I have Huawei E5172 IMEI 357500042568079. Is it possible to unlock and usable for internet access using GSM? Please advise how much should I pay you for that and how and when to pay. Tq

  23. hi bro, please help me to unlock my device Huawei LTE CPE E5172 (model : E5172As – 22) ;

    imei : 869763017884787 ; s/n : A8Y8W15402001321.

    Can you help me with the unlock code please…???

  24. I want to know if its possible to unlock my Huawei B260a router. IMEI: 358707030588964. The router is locked in Romania vodafone connect.

  25. good day sir..please help me to unlock my device.
    HUAWEI CPE LTE B593u – 91 router.. IMEI : 863168010712181
    please give me the unlock code
    thank you sir ..

  26. good day Sir Kamlesh,

    my huawei cpe lte b593u – 91 works because of the unlock code you gave to me last time, then, this morning, I encountered a problem which is also in SIM lock status (“the sim lock has taken persistent effect. Please contact your operator”). I don’t know what will I do, Sir please teach me how can I unlock again the modem.

    thankyou sir..

  27. good day sir Kamlesh,

    i try upgrade my huawei mobily cpe lte b593u – 91 using your instructions and firmware in your site. But the process is failed, the system said that the firmware didn’t match with the target firmware.
    sir please give me the right firmware for my device.
    thankyou sir…

  28. Dear Mr. Kamlesh Kumar ,
    I Got B593u-91 i Tried To Unlock But All Web Using Windows To Unlock And Am Using Macbook , So Please I Need Your Help To Unlock My Huawei With Macbook , God Bless

  29. Kamlesh I`ve already paid by paypal and sent for your email my model and Imei (iramario).I´m waiting the unlock code. Thanks a lot.

  30. i have huawei lte cpe e5172 of zain company. 869763012667559
    i dont have any credit card or paypal account plzzz give me unlock code plzzzz its very important for me plzzzz

  31. Hi Kamlesh, impressed sofar. Downloaded for B260a and it gets IMEI so it sees my Huawei B260 (without an a! ) . Does it work with the B260 (NOT B260a) ? If yes, glad to pay ! Johan

    • Reset the device, Change the default SIM with another network, plug to PC with LAN cable, login to router and search option for NCK / unlock / SIMLock

      Code is chargeable, if device is asking for code then only pay, no refund will be provided.

      • The sim lock is saying “The SIM lock has taken persistent effect. Please contact your operator.”

        kindly suggest. If the unlock is possible or it is permanantly locked

  32. The sim lock is saying “The SIM lock has taken persistent effect. Please contact your operator.”

    kindly suggest.

  33. please unlock my huawei model no B681-24 Wireless Gateway
    imei no 869205011027641 S/N M6B6RA9342801991

  34. Modem- E5172bs-925, Spectranet Nigeria.
    Is it possible to unlock this? I didn’t see it in your tutorial.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

    • Reset the device, Change the default SIM with another network, plug to PC with LAN cable, login to router and search option for NCK / unlock / SIMLock and enter the code.

  35. Hi can you unlock, Huawei Router Model Number: E5180
    Country : Nigeria
    Current Network : Smile
    Device IMEI : 864919021120510

  36. Hello, can you provide unlock code for Huawei Router Model Number: E5180
    Country : Nigeria
    Current Network : Smile
    Device IMEI : 864919021120510

  37. HI Mr.Kamlesh Kumar , can you help me for the find for the code unlock hawaei B8090 the EMEI:

  38. Huawei router Model B890-75
    Country: kuwait
    Device IMEI: 866695010332922
    Please will your unlock work?

  39. Brother,

    Kindly check if you can unlock this router:

    Model: B683
    IMEI: 867889004415327

    appreciate of your reply

  40. please help me to unlock my huawei LTE CPE model E5172 as- 22
    Country: Madagascar
    Network: Blueline
    Device IMEI: 869763011496828
    Think you Mister

  41. Dear Mr. Kamlesh Kumar ,
    I can’t afford to pay for $2.38 cause i am poor.
    Would u plase be kind to help me with my huawei B932 unlock code?
    Fmc unlock software detects my router and ask for unlock code.
    Model : Huawei B932
    Imei : 353859020017291

    thanks a lot

  42. Kamalesh. Thanks for the code. It worked successfully.
    But other network sim connect’s in 3G only. While manually changing to 4g also it’s not working. Kindly advice

  43. Hi Ramesh!
    I have write to you in modemsolution:

    Plz unlock B890-75 imei 866695010215143 Austria Hutchinson 3

    thank you so much!

    You have send me: 866695010215143 Unlock code = 11331124

    I have enter the code 1 time but ist not working.
    what´s another way to unlock the device?

    Thank you and best greatings

  44. Hello Kamlesh. I have 2 devices to unlock. Both are Huawei Mifi Routeur.

    1) Huawei E5573s – 856 / IMEI : 866837024324541 / Carrier MTN Cote d’ivoire

    2) Huawei E5578s-932. For this model i don’t know how to check the EMEI, the device is unibody and i can’t remove the battery.

    How much must i pay for both devices ? If those work great i will buy 4 other code for same models this weekend. I’m waiting for your reply. I will also send you a mail for more details.
    (Sorry for my bad English, we speak French in my country).

  45. Sir Kamlesh, still i did not get salary
    Please help me unlock Huawei B683
    I promise I will pay you as soon I get salary
    IMEI: 867889006431983

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