Huawei, ZTE, Micromax, Alcatel, and Novatel are the popular 3G/4G, modems/routers provider in the world. Huawei had earlier launched Huawei B260A, B960/E960, and B970 routers in various places and can not be unlocked with simple software which comes for unlocking of USB routers like card lock unlock tool, Huawei modem code writer tool, etc. These software’s supports only USB routers/modems and it can not detect the LAN port. Hence, Huawei B260A, B960, and B970 routers can not be unlocked by this software.


But, Huawei B260A, B960, and B970 Routers can be unlocked with FMC UnLock software (download link is provided at the end of the article). If your Huawei B260A, B960, and B970 routers have un-customised firmware then create a LAN connection between PC and your Huawei B260A, B960 or B970 router and then run FMC UnLock software.

Now click on Detect Device button and it will replicate the IMEI of your Huawei B260A, B960 or B970 router. Now in the password field, put NCK / unlock code of your IMEI and click on Unlock button (it will be highlighted only after detecting IMEI of your router / gateway).

Note : Make sure that you have disconnected from the internet and closed everything which is related to your Huawei B260A, B960, and B970 routers.