I had earlier provided the unlocking solution of Huawei E3131 MTS 420S 3G and MTS E353 (E353u-2) Huawei dongle. I had also provided the unlocking solution of the Huawei E5830 MTS Russia Huawei WiFi mobile router and MTS E5776. Today, I have got the unlocking solution of Megafon M100-4 (Huawei E3272) Russian modem. Megafon M100-4 dongle can also be unlocked easily with the correct unlock code because it does not come with customized firmware.

Huawei E3272 4G Cat4 LTE Dongle
Huawei E3272 4G Cat4 LTE Dongle

DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1074

Detecting modem :

selection :
manufacturer – Huawei modems
model – Auto detect (recommended)

Found Applications port COM22

Found modem : E3272
Model : Huawei E3272
IMEI : 867***************
Serial NR. : J5HBYA9383000725
Firmware : 21.436.05.00.209
Compile date / time : Jul 26 2013 11:44:51
Hardware ver. : CH1E3272SM
Dashboard version :
Voice feature : unknown(read failed)
SIM Lock status : Locked (Card lock)
Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

How to Unlock Megafon M100-4 (Huawei E3272) Russian Modem?

1. Connect Megafon M100-4 (Huawei E3272) Russian dongle to Windows PC and let it install all the software and drivers required to run.

2. Now, eject the modem from the PC and change the default SIM card with another network provider sim (other than Megafon SIM).

3. Again, plug the modem into the PC.

4. Now, it will ask you for an unlock code.

5. Put the correct 8-digit SIMlock code, and your modem will be unlocked forever.

If your modem does not prompt for unlock code, then download Cardlock unlock tool. Disconnect the internet and close the software of the modem and run the downloaded unlocking software. Detect your Megafon modem under the unlocker tool, put the unlock code into your app, and click OK.

Note: Megafon M100-4 (Huawei E3272) Russian modem can not be unlocked with Huawei new Algo unlock code. To unlock Megafon M100-4 (Huawei E3272) Russian dongle you need Authorization V3 unlock code.

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