Huawei keeps launching various types of modems and routers in the market with different network providers. Recently, Huawei has launched the Huawei HSPA USB Slider E1780 dongle in Kuwait with the Wataniya network’s help. If you are a user of the Huawei HSPA USB Slider E1780 Wataniya Kuwait dongle, you must know that you can not use any other network sim except the Wataniya carrier. It is tough for the person who has purchased the Huawei E1780 Wataniya modem and not getting the signal in his house/area. Now he must want to unlock Huawei HSPA USB Slider E1780 to use any other network provider SIM card. Unlocking of Huawei HSPA USB Slider E1780 data card is a one time and simple work. There is no technical knowledge required to unlock this modem.

Huawei E1780 Modem
Huawei E1780 Modem

How to Unlock Huawei HSPA USB Slider E1780 Wataniya Kuwait Dongle?

1. Plug  Huawei HSPA USB Slider E1780 (Wataniya Kuwait) dongle to PC and let it install all the software and drivers required to run this modem.

2. Now download E1780 Unlocker software (Card Lock Unlock tool).

3. Now disconnect the internet and close the default software of the modem.

4. Change the sim with another network provider sim and again plug the modem to PC.

5. Now, if modem software opens, then close it (Don’t minimize it).

6. Now run the Huawei HSPA USB Slider E1780 modem unlocker software.

7. Detect the modem under unlocking software.

8. Now put the unlock code in the unlocking software, and your modem is unlocked forever.

9. Now, create the profile as per the new sim and enjoy an unlocked modem worldwide.

Note: Don’t use any free/wrong code into your Huawei HSPA USB Slider E1780 dongle; otherwise, it will be locked permanently. You can purchase the correct unlock code from the server.


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