Today, I am going to provide you the free unlocking solution of Vodafone Huawei K3770 modem. Recently one of my friend has come with a Vodafone Huawei K3770 modem and wanted to get it unlocked. It can be unlocked easily with the help of dashboard and unlock code. You need to follow some basic steps and your device will be unlocked permanently.


How to Unlock Vodafone Huawei K3770 Modem Free?

1. Download the following required files:

2. Connect the dongle to PC and close the default dashboard of Vodafone modem and install the downloaded Huawei mobile partner in PC.

3. Now eject the data card from PC and insert aby other SIM card.

4. Again plug the modem to PC.

5. If Vodafone connection manager automatically gets launched then close it.

6. Now open the installed dashboard (which has been downloaded from this article).

7. Now its will ask you for password / unlock code.

8. Just provide unlock code as password to your modem.

9. Now your modem is unlocked for ever.

10. If by any reason, your modem does not ask for password then use Huawei modem code writer tool to send the NCK in your dongle.

Note: Recently Vodafone Huawei has launched 86 series IMEI K3770 modem, which is Huawei new algo modem and can not be unlocked with old algo unlock code. Don’t try wrong codes into your modem otherwise, your Vodafone Huawei K3770 modem will be locked permanently. Either purchase from any server or just leave a comment with model and IMEI to get the free unlock code.


  1. hello i have friend
    i have an airtel nigeria huawei E173u-1 thats showing me tried 10 times, is it still possible to unlock it?
    ime 863617020418890

  2. woaw tried with the code: 63483613 but it didn’t work and i tried with the code writer which failed me as well but i finally succeeded with the universal master code calculator.
    thank you very

  3. Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :Vodafone (Huawei)
    – Model :K3770
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :356742048357930

  4. Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :Vodafone (Huawei)
    – Model :K3770
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :860030011378581

  5. Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :Vodafone (Huawei)
    – Model :K3770
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :860030012707689


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