Huawei New Algo Unlock Code in Cheap Rates : Max Rate @ Rs. 60/- for Indian users and 1.50$ for International people. Huawei has launched many new Algo modems which can be unlocked with the new algo unlock codes only. Till date, we have not found any free solution for new Algo unlock code for Huawei modems. Hence, we have decided to provide the users in cheap rate by purchasing from the unlocking server, so users can unlock their modem with low price. If you will go to any shop for unlocking modems it’s charge upto Rs. 300/- per modem unlocking. But, we are providing in cheap rate at the maximum rate of Rs. 60/-¬†or 1.50$ (for international people) per modem unlock code.
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If you are working in shop and want the unlock code in bulk then as per your quantity, rate will be reduced. Interested users can leave a comment. As soon as possible I will email you. All of you need to deposit the amount in my bank account or you can deposit in PayPal also and you have to provide the reference no. I will verify the deposited amount and then I will provide the unlock code.

I personally don’t like the paid solution, users who can wait for free solution, i will suggest that just wait, users who can’t wait for free solution can purchase the unlock code.

Price list for Indian Users and International users are at here.


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