Download Huawei Modem Code Writer V1.0b by sagmaster
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Download Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool

Author:Kamlesh Kumar
Platforms:Windows 8
Date:December 13, 2013

Disclaimer : Administration of routerunlock shall not be liable in case of unknowing change of the firmware of your modem / router / MiFi. Moreover, if you want any specific firmware of related to Huawei dongle / Pocket MiFi, then leave a comment, if it will be available then will be published. All the firmware which are posted at routerunlock, are free of cost and there is no need to pay anyone.



  1. I want suitable firmware version for my huawei E5330Bs-2?
    I’ve successfully updated WebUI of the device but firmware update results in error31??
    Guide me plz soon what to do ?? I m waiting thnx

  2. I have tried several times to unlock
    Huawei Model E173Bu-1,
    EMEI 354369045666048,
    but could not do so. Can any one please help to share suitable firmware and unblock procedure.
    mail @:

  3. I have STC Mifi Router Information given below I need to know how to unlock it, to get it work with other network SIM.
    I have the Flash Code, Unlock Code for it, However I need the suitable firmware and procedure to unlock it. Please Help me.

    Device name: E5577s-932
    Hardware version: CL1E5577SM
    Software version:
    Web UI version:

  4. Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E3131
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :862733012384593

    i downloaded the the software and it request for the unlock code, How do i go from there?
    i really want to unlock this bastard, the modem is giving me tough headache.

  5. I have try it but it needed unlock code

    Airtel Nigeria info below

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E3131
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :862733012384593

  6. My airtel 4g device simlock is permanently locked,
    How to unlock the device ?
    Airtel 4g hotspot
    S/N : R3TDW15718001945
    Model : E5573s-606
    IMEI : 866079021149684

  7. Found modem : E5573s-320
    Model : Huawei E5573 (untested)
    IMEI : 860861031706850
    Serial NR. : V5Y7S16721005344
    Firmware : 21.316.03.00.1126
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

  8. i have get my unlocked and flash code for my huawei modem but cant download huawei modem E3372 firmware Update
    pls help me

  9. hey mine pops up with this.
    when after entering the unlock code.

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E3531
    – Revision :21.318.29.00.1137
    – Phone IMEI :864576010559627

    Send Unlock Command… ERROR.

    could i have missed something.?

  10. E303B
    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 860530011050718
    Serial NR. : X3VBYA93B2919588
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Mar 26 2013 14:06:51
    Hardware ver. : CH2E303SM

  11. HUAWEI E303
    MODEL: E303U-1
    IMEI: 861195007006386
    S/N: X7SBY14603001712
    please help me to unlock it….

    I’ve been trying to, but it is not working

  12. hello there please what can i do? Huawei code writer doesnt detect my modem I’m using windows 7 ultimate 32bit. thanks in advanced for ur help

  13. Found modem : E3372
    Model : Huawei AuthVer 4 modem (New)
    IMEI : 865035039390216
    Serial NR. : G4PDU17C06007505
    Firmware : 21.315.01.00.429
    Compile date / time : Feb 13 2017 14:04:27
    Hardware ver. : CL2E3372HM
    Dashboard version : UTPS23.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 4 (unlock attempts left : 6)
    please help me


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