Unlock EC156 Huawei 3G CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle Free – Today, I am writing article to unlock EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle. Various network providers provided CDMA 3G Modem Dongle to his users. Unlocking CDMA modem is difficult that GSM 3G / 4G modems. I have found some ways through which you can unlock EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle for free. Interest users who have CDMA dongle can now contact me, i will suggest some another steps which is not mentioned in the article. The below provided solution will unlock fully your EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle. If you are interested then you can try it out.

Step by step guide to unlock EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle Free :

1. Download the EC156 modem firware which download link is provided at the end of the article.
2. Now unzip and run the firmware update file.

Firmware update wizard
3. Accept the agreement and click on Next button to proceed.
4. On the following window put a check on Auto remove the device after update and click Next
EC122 CDMA modem dongle firmware update
EC156 CDMA modem dongle firmware update
5. Read warning message and click on Start button.
6. Now it will ask you for a password.
EC156 huawei firmware update password
EC156 huawei firmware update password
7. Put the password of your MEID. (To get the firmware code of your MEID comment your MEID).
8. Follow follow the online screen till finish button.
9. Now you have successfully finished firmware update of your CDMA EVDO EC156 modem / dongle.
10. Now download the CDMA workshop tool 2.7 Pre-cracked version from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
11. Now extract in a folder and run it.
12. Now in the COM port drop down list select the com port to which you have connected the EC156 modem. (To get the COM Port read this article.)
CDMA Workshop Tool main tab - COM Port Selection
CDMA Workshop Tool main tab – COM Port Selection
13. Now after detecting the COM port click on Connect and your EC156 Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle will be connect to the CDMA Workshop 2.7.0 tool.
14. After the EC156 modem is connected select got to the security tab and click Read button.
read flash in cdma workshop
read flash in cdma workshop
15. When SPC code will be available in the box then click on SPC button. (If SPC code is not available the put 000000 (six times zero).
16. Now you will get two option Send and Write as in below screenshot. Click on Send button and you will get a message spc accepted.
Send SPC in cdma workshop
Send SPC in cdma workshop
17. Now select the Other tab and in the RUIM – select RUIM if available or to ruim only and click on the write button.  Now you have successfully unlocked your EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle.
CDMA modem unlock RUIM options
CDMA modem unlock RUIM options
Note : Now you can use both CDMA inbuilt and CDMA of another network provider sim facility in your modem. If you select RUIM-only then the default CDMA service will not work and if you select RUIM if available then you can use default CDMA service without the sim and another network provider CDMA sim when you insert the sim into the EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle.
Soon, we are going to provide unlock solutions of Huawei EC367, EC226, EC186, EC167, EC156, EC150 EC1260 and EC122 CDMA EVDO modems.
Now download the latest Unbranded Huawei Mobile Partner Software from this link to use another network provider sim on your unlocked EC122 CDMA modem.
Now update the dashboard of your modem with this link to create the network setting as per your network provider.

Download EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle Firmware
Download CDMA Workshop Tool 2.7 Cracked Version


  1. Hi guys i’m Dhruva,
    I’m having little bit of trouble getting the firmware code .. i think i’ll never get the code
    . somebody help me my MEID is – A0000033C78F19 . Little help will be appreciated .. thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Kamlesh,
    Firstly thanks for all information and software on your website.
    I unlocked my ec156 (tata photon). I selected RUIM preferable option. Now I am trying to use Bsnl cdma sim card but, I am not able to connect internet. However I am able to use tata photon connection. Do I have to do some extra setting for bsnl CDMA ( Number,username, password).

    • That’s why I had sent your previous link, for CDMA modem you can not directly input the APN in mobile partner, so you need to configure on the COM port and then you can connect to internet.

  3. i have zte Ac2791 mblaze modem which is lock.

    mied number A0000037FFC35F
    i cannot find any frimware for update. do u know how it is unlock.

  4. Hi Kamles! I have unlocked Huawei EC 156 Photon Plus modem & using Reliance EVDO in that. On main screen in Huawei mobile partner software when i press “Connect” button then first device disappears, then it again detects and then it connects. The process takes around 30-40 seconds. The same problem occurs when i press “Disconnect” button. What may be the problem. I have updated the firmware as provided by you and dashboard available on Huawei official website for the EC 156 modem.

  5. hi bro CDMA workshop tool 2.7 Pre-cracked version its not download plz send me best link /mail me through google drive

  6. hello i stuck into a problem while updating the firmware. after the fifth point i.e. after warning message. it started the downloading firm ware and continuous progressing. unfortunately my computer shut down due to power failure. now when i connect the modem to pc it just displays the green light (before updating it was blue) . when i try to update again it stops at the step of checking status. please help

  7. i unlocked as mentioned above. but msg is shown on mobile partener” remote computer is not responding” pls show me right way ASAP

  8. Please Help i follow all steps but when i try to ”SEND SPC”
    it show ”Spc not correct phone does not accept spc”

  9. Kamlesh Kumar Thank’s for your help !! i have successfully unlocked my ec156.

    Last thing now i mmust download the mobile partner mentioned in the tuto to use modem with other internet provider?

  10. Now when i plug it with another sim it asking me to enter “UNLOCK CODE” and it remains 3 tentatives. I unlock it successfully with your tuto!! I miss something?? because until now i can’t use another sim

  11. hello sir please help me get the code for MEID = A0000049687053
    I am unable to unlock my MTS EC315, Its not detected by DFS CDMA Tool, Wingle Firmware Upate asking for password which I don’t know MEID is not accepting as password, Nokia pc suite says No Modem Found…What should I do ?? Please Help !!

      • Thank u so much Kamlesh. Your method works great. Followed step by step and successfully unlocked my ec156.
        Using bsnl evdo cdma prepaid card.
        I have one problem though. the card only works on cdma network mode and not evdo mode, so speed goes upto 20 kBps max. With the teracom t-u500 dongle, it could get upto 60+ kBps easily. Can u tell me what could i be doing wrong ??
        I sincerely appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.

  12. Thank you for your help. I did everything as it was in article but it does not help. I have an error – Only the specified UIM card can be used on this device.
    It is branded PeopleNet EC 156 stick and I want to use Intertelecom RUIM with it (Peoplenet and Intertelecom are Ukrainian cdma operators both). Is there any other ways to unlock?

  13. Uninstalled the software and installed the new Mobile partner .iso to stick with Huawei Dashboard Tool and then installed it to PC – the problem the same (


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