As you might already know that Huawei keeps launching new models modems dongles. Before few days Huawei has launched Dialog Huawei E220 SriLanka Modem. Huawei  Dialog Huawei E220 SriLanka Modem comes with customised firmware as you can see in the below screenshot. Dialog Huawei E220 SriLanka Modem can not be unlocked with only unlock code. Before start sending the unlock code you need to flash the firmware of Dialog Huawei E220 SriLanka Modem dongle with un-customised firmware.Unock Huawei E220 Dialog Srilankan Modem Dongle

How to unlock Huawei E220 SriLanka Dialog modem dongle totally free :

  1. Download the any firmware upgrade of Unlock Huawei E220 Dialog Srilankan Modem Dongle, CardLock unlock tool (to send the unlock code) and Universal Master Code software (to generate the unlock code) from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now run the Universal Master code software and through Huawei tab generate flash and unlock code of your IMEI no.
  3. Now disconnect the internet and close the dashboard and run firmware upgrade.
  4. When firmware upgrade asks for password provide flash code as password.
  5. Now wait for finish.
  6. After getting finished run the dashboard update.
  7. When dashboard update gets finish then close all running software and run CardLock Unlock tool.
  8. Now CardLock Unlock tool will ask you password.
  9. Provide 8 digit unlock code which you generated earlier and click on Ok.


Now enjoy your unlocked Unock Huawei E220 Dialog Srilankan Modem Dongle anywhere in the world with any network provider sim on it.

Download Universal Master Code to generate flash and unlock code
Download CardLock Unlock tool to write unlock code
Download E220 Firmware Update_11.
Download E220 Firmware Update_11.
Download E220 Dashboard Update


Note : You can use the latest version of Huawei mobile partner as dashboard to get the better network support.


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