Earlier unlocking of the dongle was an easy task, but now not like that. I had earlier provided the unlocking solutions for the various device. Presently so many new models have come in the market with customized firmware. Customized firmware means extra security to protect the dongle from unlocking. It blocks all the pop-up and does not let it prompt for unlocking code and also blocks the code writer to write into a data card. These firmware has also included an option to reset the dongle lock status again after your modem is unplugged from the PC. To unlock this type of stubborn Huawei modems with customized firmware, you have to take the help of a third-party tool.

So, in this post, we will share a temporary solution to unlock customized firmware dongles, I hope it will work with latest Huawei models.

huawei -hilink e303 india
Huawei -hilink e303 India

Step by step guide :

You need to run Huawei Temp Unlocking Application every time you plug your modem to PC. Just run and wait for several minutes, your modem will be unlocked automatically.

Note : You must close your Huawei modem software / dashboard before running Huawei Temp Unlocking Application.exe.

Try with your new firmware and leave your comment.

Download Huawei Temporary unlocking tool



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