Huawei B310 is available in India through only Airtel carrier, which comes locked to Airtel network. Huawei B310s-927 can be unlocked by soldering the cable. It is also possible to change the firmware and WebUI. You can also purchase unlocked B310 from our online store. It comes with an internal antenna, which is enough to catch the signal. But what you will do, if in your area signal strength is weak and you want to connect an external antenna.

How to Put External Antenna in Huawei B310 Router?

1. Unscrew the device.

2. You can see a wire is attached (we have market ends with 3 and 4 no.s). This is the internal antenna.

B310 internal antenna ports3. Cut the wire from no. 3 and solder it to no. 1.

B310 external antenna ports4. In the similar manner join a wire from no. 2 to no. 3.

5. Now you have successfully soldered the external antenna wires.

6. Now open the back cover of the Huawei B310 router.

7. You will see two external antenna connectors.

8. Connect the external antenna and enjoy.

Huawei B310 external antenna


  1. Hi Kamlesh,
    Glad to hear from you.
    I think it is blocked. I tried putting external antenna on unlocked Airtel E5573s-606 MiFi router.
    This is the antenna I used.
    I could hardly get any gain. So, like you said it is probably blocked.
    Do you think I should follow this same process for connecting external antenna for Airtel E5573 also ?
    Also I want to buy Unlocked Huawei E3372H (Idea Logo) ? I sent you an email about that.
    Please reply to that email also.

  2. Hi kamlesh . Why do we need to cut the wires and join to other (as mentioned by you) when the option of adding external antenna is there on the back(sma ports) with setting on router page.

  3. Hi,
    I have a problem, I got the B310, in the information tab I got: B310s-22 firmware version 21.313.06.03.58.
    I bought two antennas from Ebay:
    The router configuration page under the antenna tab got the option of:

    If I connected any of the external antenna, and set to automatic it reverts to internal, and if I set to External the router accepts, but I get exactly the same signal.
    So I am assuming the antennas are never in use.

    I did not open the router to avoid losing the warranty, and according to

    RouterUnlock December 4, 2016 at 1:07 pm
    It depends upon the firmware, if firmware supports external antenna then it is not required.

    My firmware was supposed to accept the antenna right?
    Do you guys think I should try the soldering any way?


  4. I am in Siem reap Cambodia and I am “testing”. a free trial the B310. Do you know if the external antennas are disconnected in the same way as the ‘Airtel’ Carrier one. My carrier is Kingtel and they are upstart company. I get only one bar inside, but if I get the right spot outside, I get two of the possible three with steady and fast signal from both conditions. When I connected a T-Link antenna, it shoved no gain. If I open the box, I will own it. So any help or suggestions would be grateful. Maybe two antennas are wanted and needed if they are connected. Thanks to all.

  5. I have the usual wire inside my B310s-927.
    And i have this SMA Connector as well.
    Do i have to do this procedure ?
    ( I am not in India / Airtel )


  6. I think there is a big mistake here !

    point 4 goes to 3 what is internal WIFI antenna
    the other internal WIFI antena is located at bottom left of PCB.
    –> Points 1 & 2 are for GSM/3G/LTE signals goes to the SMA connectors and internal antennas at the other side top of PCB.
    It makes no sense shortcircuit WIFI with mobile broadband. (4-1) (2-3)

    • Aloisio
      If I understands you correct 1 and 2 are only for GSM../ ../ and it is expected if I change small antena from the box with external antena to have some gain? What abpout if I also want ot have a better place covarage of the wifi?
      Do you meen that both options for external antenas are directly conected for signal of GSM/3G


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