Various customers from India are suffering in the unlocking of his device because there was no online payment option was there at routerunlock. Now, Indian customers can pay online, which is protected by PayUmoney. For international customers, there is already three payment method available : PayPal, Payza, and Perfect Money.

There are separate buttons are available for different types of amounts. So, be careful while making payment.

Unlock code which will cost you Rs. 100 can make the payment from the following:

Unlock code which will cost you Rs. 300 can make the payment from the following:
Custom amount, use only if you have instructed to do so:
Unlock code which will cost you Rs. 500 can make the payment from the following:

Refund Policy : There is no refund policy available with us. It totally depends on me, that the amount will be refunded back or not. If you have queries, you can reach to us by commenting. Your queries will be replied within 8 hrs.

Note : Only pay for those services / unlock code, which is provided by me.

Note II : In any cases of payment failure / success / cancellation, you will redirect to the homepage of routerunlock.


  1. I have paid 100 rs for NCK code for Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ WiFi Router (Vodafone) after payment i was redirected to routerunlock page. How will i get the NCK ?

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    error code :13update failed

    current firmware v 21.315.01.00.284
    current dashboard v—-plz hilp me

  3. I need to unlock my alcatel mw40 . how will you share the code with me ? And is it assured that the code will work 100%..??

  4. I need to unlock my Modem Alcatel MW40CJ. How will you provide the code..?? And is it assured that the code will work 100%..??

    • Everything is tested then this post is written. If software version matches with your device then proceed with payment. If software version does not match then don’t pay, my code will not work.

  5. Hi Kamalesh,

    I want to unlock my Airtel 4G data card to use Jio. Is it possible?
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E3372
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :866850020254042

  6. Hi,

    I paid the amount and it redirects to and got dns not found issue. When can I expect theveryone unlock code.

  7. Can you please do it remotely I will give you remote session via teamviver please let me know amount for this Airtel 4g with latest firmware.

    Waiting for the reply.

  8. I have made the payment of Rs300, please let me know your convenient time to unlock the router making a remote session.

    I will give you teamviver session please tell me your available time

  9. Hello admin/kamlesh, please unlock my Huawei router. Please tel the process of payment. Details are given below:
    Make: Huawei
    Model: E5172Bs-925
    IMEI: 357500044875530
    Network: Airtel India

  10. Hi Kamlesh,
    My Firmwares are updated and the browser login for Airtel is asking for the unlock code. How much do I need to pay for the unlock code. I can share the IMEI and the firmware code. Pls suggest.

  11. admin my dongle huawei e3372-607 (airtel).but i tried to unlock that modem through e3372-607(idea)…..
    now it blinking green colour and not showing any network… what i do.. plss help,,, admin..

  12. Hi Kamalesh,

    I want to unlock my Airtel 4G router to use Jio sim for 4g. Is it possible?
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :LTE CPE E5172 CE26

  13. Hi Friend My Huawei B310s 925 Router Is Locked.I Need The Unlock Code To Unlock It.I Already Tried With Some Huawei Code Master Softwares But That Unlock Codes Are Not Supported.Now My Router Sim LOck Code Remaining attempts: 6 Only.I Think Your Help Is Helpful For Unlock My Router


  14. I want to unlock my airtel E5172Bs-925. Firmware is V200R001C284SP102. Airtel sim is no longer working. I want to use this device with other service provider. Please advise

  15. I have done steps up to 7. But after that it is not redirecting me to unlocking page. Also you have not sent any unlock code. I am having Jio sim and I am trying to use the 4G data…but it is not working. Please help

    MODEL NO. HUAWEI E3372H- 607
    IMEI – 866850021395455
    MOBILE NO. 9319829000

  17. hi i want to unlock code for alcatel mw40cj so what is the procedure and what will be the cost for it as i am planning to gift it to an orphanage i am giving away 3 numbers so if i buy and gift them with jio sim will it work pls let me know

  18. Hi Im Akshay, i have the MW40-CJ-V2.0, and software MW40_HP02.00_05
    1) Can this be unlocked
    2)Which payment button to be used for this
    3)How will you be sending me the code?

    Please confirm when i can do this

  19. Hi
    I am Satya Prakash from India. I have huawei e3372h-607 vodafone locked modem and it has web based vodafone ui. Can I unlock this modem.

  20. I want to unlock my vodafone data card. The details are:
    Device brand- Huawei
    Network to which device is locked- vodafone
    Whats the procedure and fees

  21. What is meant by have to open the device and shot the board. Another thing I want to know is that whether the web based ui (vodafone in) will also change after unlocking. My requirement is to use the device with a jio or bsnl sim

  22. Thank you for the instructions Kamlesh.

    Pls note that after extracting the .bin file, and uploading it in local update file location, i am getting an error message that update is failed.
    (Failed to upload the file).

    Why is to so? I am using Macbook and router is connected through wifi.

    Pls advise further actions


    Sunny singh

  23. Hi,
    I want to unlock my Airtel 4G Dongle. I would like to use jio or any other sim.
    Model: Huawei LTE USB Stick: E3272
    Firmware version:
    Can you let me know is it possible and what’s the cost? Also, send me the procedure.

  24. hello kamlesh kumar i have paid 100 Rs. for my alcotel vodaphone dongle to unlock. i could not get unlock code. please send me code through e mail

  25. hello kamlesh kumar i have paid 100 Rs. for my alcotel vodaphone dongle to unlock. i could not get unlock code. please send me code through e mail
    Device Name: Alcotel MW40
    IMEI: 359347070030731

  26. my imei is 862601021305679
    model is e3272s-927
    how to unlock my modem and provide me procedure to unlock my modem
    firmware 21.470.05.02.284

  27. Hello, I have purchased new Alcatel MW40CJ device from vodafone and want to unlock it, will you please let me how much I’m suppose to pay ?

    My software version is MW40_HP_02.00_05

  28. Hi,

    I followed your instruction to unlock e5573s-606 and messed up something. Now my device is not getting detected. What should I do?

    I’m happy to pay for the unlock code. Kindly assist me at the earliest. Thanks

  29. idea 4g lte dongle
    Software version:
    Web UI version:
    can you unlock it for me and how much i have to pay and where? and one more question can i use jio sim on it. thanks!

  30. Hello,

    I want to unlock my airtel 4g dongle (Huawei Mobile broadband LTE USB stick)

    Model: E3272s-927
    IMEI – 862601020120095
    Some version from the tools->about airtel usb modem section:

    Please let me know the instructions, how to pay and how much to pay.

  31. Paid rs 300 for imei cleared after shot , of my huawei e5573s-606 , newer firm , now need resolution and unlock code. imei of the device is sent to u !

    • Once device is unlocked, if reset button is available then reset the device. If reset button is not available and after unlocking you are not getting the network then search the network manually and register for first time.

  32. Airtel huawei B310 927. When I use idea sim it asks for simunlockcode and when I put Airtel sim it does not ask for any code but does not connect either to ISP. Can u help plz.

  33. Please let me know whether i can unlock idea 4g e5573-606 if yes please do it for me by remote control as I read your steps but still I failed to do. I have downloaded:

    1. Huawei E5573s-606 Firmware general and Huawei E5573s-320 Firmware general.

    2. Huawei hilink drivers.

    3. Firmware code you can generate from Universal Master Code tool or leave a comment with model and IMEI.

    4. Huawei mobile partner latest version.

    5. DC Unlocker.

    next process i am not able to do..please help i will pay rs.300

  34. is it Rs 300 or Rs 500 you’re charging ? I want to unlock my airtel4g Huawei LTE CPE E5172:

    Model – E5172Bs-925
    IMEI : 357500041709237
    S/N : M7G7S14804000882

  35. Dear Kamlesh,
    i paid 300 today on your account with the following references
    Merchant Name: KAMLESH Order Amount: Rs 300.00
    Payment ID: 126262371
    Merchant Order ID: 195439-126262371
    Payment Summary Amount
    NET BANKING Rs 300.0
    Amount Paid Rs 300.00

  36. Merchant Name: KAMLESH Order Amount: Rs 500.00
    Payment ID: 126295589
    Merchant Order ID: 207641-126295589
    Payment Summary Amount
    DEBIT CARD Rs 500.0
    Amount Paid Rs 500.00

  37. Hi KAMLESH,

    i paid 300 Rs for my Airtel E5573s – 606 device to unlock. Please check the payment details and send the firmware file and unlock code to my mail id.

    Ramakrishnan R

  38. Hi Mr.Kumar
    I have just made a payment of Rs.500 for unlocking Airtel-Huawei E5172Bs-925 router.
    Kindly provide with the unlock-firmware and the unlock code.

  39. Hi Mr.Kumar
    The following are for your information:
    Merchant Name: KAMLESH
    Order Amount: Rs 500.00
    Payment ID: 126908819
    Merchant Order ID: 207641-126908819

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