Normally, at routerunlock, we post about Huawei modems and routers unlocking only. In 2012, we have shared the post about a few cheaters, who were providing fake software with a name of “Huawei Modem Unlocker [ UPDATED] v6.0.2 Private Edition“. Basically these people were putting “Huawei Modem Unlocker V5.8.1” in locker and were earning a lot money, while people were trying to download the file from the locker. Locker is basically a type of advertisement and you have to go through various ads to open the content.

Recently our team had unmasked the fake people who were sharing about Huawei V5 Code Calculator and Huawei V4 Code Calculator. There is no such Huawei V4 and V5 unlock code calculator exists in the world.

Various people are creating fake image from Photoshop software, and trying to make fool to innocent customers. Our team has successfully unlocked worldwide all new Huawei V4 modems / routers and sharing it free for personal use.

All the fake people has been unmasked by our team. In this post, we will share the list of emails of Chargeback cheaters. These people had placed the order in our website, and after getting the services / unlock codes, put the chargeback.

Chargeback is a type of complain, in which people pays for items / services, and after a certain period, they claim that he has not got the items / services. These facility is provided by credit card company. Suppose a person has paid you 10USD for a service / item, after putting chargeback, he will get a total of 30USD amount. In such a cases cheaters, gets extra money along with items / services.

Above all types of people should be kicked out from the internet.

A list of chargeback cheaters:

Buyer’s name: carolyn a kennerly
Buyer’s email:
Buyer’s transaction ID: 28T12745YK356900E
Your transaction ID: 5CR22397PV195433T
Transaction date: 29 December 2017
Transaction amount: $ 6.00 USD
Disputed amount: $ 6.00 USD

Buyer’s name: ryan nadir
Buyer’s email:
Buyer’s transaction ID: 0TA35141S64168351
Your transaction ID: 8GB58796T6755505L
Transaction date: 8 December 2017
Transaction amount: $ 6.00 USD
Disputed amount: £ 4.62 GBP

Case ID: PP-D-27558003
Buyer’s name: Marie Solange Nobrege
Buyer’s email:
Buyer’s transaction ID: 0SV35741SL568632E
Your transaction ID: 2ND90585RA944013M
Invoice ID: S-U-B1112
Transaction date: 28 December 2018
Transaction amount: $ 11.00 USD
Disputed amount: € 10.04 EUR

Buyer’s name: Corinne Maron
Buyer’s email:
Buyer’s transaction ID: 58995717FU245825N
Your transaction ID: 6M22981181415680E
Transaction date: 15 October 2016
Transaction amount: $ 6.00 USD
Disputed amount: € 5.64 EUR

Buyer’s name: Binta Suleman
Buyer’s email:
Buyer’s transaction ID: 1LL74619VF5433949
Your transaction ID:6UG22206GL994744D
Transaction date: 22 October 2014
Transaction amount: $2.38 USD
Disputed amount: $2.38 USD

Buyer’s name: Oladapo Ogundipe
Buyer’s email:
Buyer’s transaction ID: 4P35105223579612N
Your transaction ID: 0JL96747AK3427120
Invoice ID: WC-1277
Transaction date: 18 May 2019
Transaction amount: $ 16.00 USD
Disputed amount: $ 24.15 AUD

We will unmask all the cheaters as and when we will find out.


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