Windows, one of the famous and renowned software, developers is to celebrate their 10th mobile anniversary update. This update is expected to be the second major one in mobile, which has many better features than the previous one. Some of them, which include:

1. Enhanced camera quality
2. Bigger and better notification system
3. Cortana for windows 10
4. New windows store
5. Improvement in Web browsing
6. Second screen or continuum support

Enhanced camera quality

panorama in windows 10 phone

The camera icon on the lock screen gives easier and fast access to capture the moments. The moment becomes more memorable and beautiful with the new Panorama mode. Just a tap on this mode and capture the entire landscape or a group of people by swiping right to left or bottom to top and the shot is done. Other settings like precise control, slow motion, live images and videos, HDR enhancement are also been included in this update.

Improved notification

notification in windows 10 mobile

With each update, the notification system in Windows gets better. Though the size of the notification icon is reduced to 48*48, a new glance screen specifically for the notification is been introduced in this update. You can now have easier access to the notification in the way you want by customizing the settings.

Cortana for Windows 10

Cortana, the virtual assistant will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. It can now also been used in music search. With the new improved Map app, it can provide turn-by-turn direction for an easier navigation. This also helps in sending pictures and videos from your mobile to your PC. Listening aid has been improved in this update making it more reliable for speech search. The reminders and suggestions given by this Cortana will be showed in the action center.

New windows store

windows store

With this improved update, you can now have full access to the Windows store from your mobile. You can now enjoy the music, videos and much more to an unlimited extent.

Improvement in web browsing

Microsoft Edge has been updated from 25.10 to 38.14 making the web browsing much quicker and effective. With a swipe, you can navigate back and forth. The InPrivate-browsing icon is right next to the new tab button. Filenames, download status, and site domain are included in with a separate line for each in the download notification. Word flow can be included in the Edge address bar.

Second screen or Continuum support

You can now move on to the second screen in your updated Windows 10. Using the Continuum, you can have improved experience in using Office Apps or to browse or to go through the pictures. You can even use your mobile as a Tv or as a monitor without using so much of any wireless adapter or dock. The best part is you can enjoy the second screen option even when working on your phone at the same time.

Apart from these major updates, there are also certain bugs been fixed. Edge HTML has been updated from 13.10 version to 14.14 version. You can now set flags for each action you perform. Let it be for a DirectX or VP9 support, even to enable a standard full-screen API. You can run up to 16 Apps in the background using this updated Windows. Bluetooth reliability has been improved for the car settings. The performance of the storage setting is better when compared to the previous one.

Only a certain features have been removed in the updated Windows 10, which includes sharing a network, using Wi-Fi is no longer possible. Kids corner have been removed. Overall, the new improved Update of Windows 10 for mobile is worth for waiting.

You can check out the official post for more details.

Desktop users can upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Update through Update Assistant or also can download the ISO file from Microsoft server.


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