Mac OS is beautifully designed operating system and most of us love. Especially, its texts and fonts look better compared to Windows operating system. If you want macOS text on your Windows screen, there is a freeware tool called MacType For Windows 10, which will help you.

If you regularly switch between Mac and Windows and like to make Windows 10 fonts just like macOS/Mac OS, smooth font rendering, you need to take the help of this small utility MacType.


The latest version of MacType supports Windows 10 with Anniversary Update (version 1607) as well.

According to name, the app MacType will bring Mac type beautiful fonts for smoothing the Windows 10.

How to install and use MacType on Windows 10?

1. Browse this link and download the latest version of MacType installer.

2. Run the downloaded file and get it installed on your PC.

3. Once successfully installed, launch MacType and select the preferred language, in my case it is English.

4. Select the option Load with MacTray, check Run as administrator, select Standalone loading mode and then click the Next button.

Load with MacTray5. It will show the various types of profile that you would like to load.

profile6. Finally, click on Finish button.

7. Click OK to apply the changes.

Click Ok

Apart from the Windows 10, it is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1.

Do you prefer to change the “Mac type Mouse Cursor” also?


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