Search Engine Optimization has developed a lot and gained high fame in the business of different types. While corporate giants have incurred huge profits, start-ups, and small businesses are not lagging behind. Setting the right strategies can help a small business to reach their desired goals. Small business and startups can perform really well by adopting the right techniques for SEO. Smaller business has to face the competitors that have been in the business for an ample period of time.


Here are some effective tips that may assist you in competing with industry giants:

Choose long tail keywords for the business

If you are a small business and are going for two-word or short tail keywords, it is time to reconsider the strategy. Industry giants can rank well for these keywords owing to their massive web presence. These businesses do not target the long tail keywords. So, as a small business, using those keywords for the business can provide you an upper hand. These long tail keywords come with lesser competition and it is easy to rank for them. As you write high quality of content along with long tail keywords inserted, you can rank at much ease.

Target Local Customers

Local search has become highly significant in SEO. This indicates that small business should be focusing on local traffic. Smaller business has an increased chance of succeeding if they targeted a small region or town. You can avail immense benefits after targeting these key locations and you are sure to get better business. You should focus on writing about local events instead of monotonous content in the website. You should optimize your website for Google Local Listing as well. You can ask your customers to review your website in Google places. It is counted to be an essential factor in enhancing the ranking of your website. Good reviews from websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor are also significant in gaining a better ranking in search engine.

Concentrate on a specific niche

Like industry giants, the small business may want to target a number of keywords for different areas of expertise. However, the industry giants have already covered those general keywords. Hence, it is paramount to choose keywords that specialize in the niche. Having a wide range of keywords may help you to rank for more words but the relevancy will be much less.

Become an Authority in Content Marketing

Publishing fresh and quality content is counted to be an effective strategy for search engine optimization. It is recommended to publish fresh content on a regular basis about the topics that are related to the business. A small business can establish as a content authority in the market. People will be more interested in purchasing products and services from those companies that help them regularly with various tips and information. You can go for webinars, informational videos, e-book, blogs to become an authority in the market. Developing an effective content strategy helps you to triumph over industry giants. These strategies also confer a brand recognition to your business.

Enhance the social presence

Apart from local search optimization, social media optimization helps you to increase the online presence. Focus on getting more likes, followers in the social media profiles to allure more visitors. Update the social media profiles regularly with different posts to engage with your customers. The social media presence helps to build a friendly relationship with your customers. You will have a better understanding of their requirements with a strong online presence. Effective social media profiles also boost the ranking of small scale business in the search engine.

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