I have provided firmware and WebUI of Huawei R215 (Huawei E5372) MiFi’s. Some people have bricked their devices using unsupported firmware and now his modem/router is in half dead state.

Huawei R215 - E5372 Flasher by fr3nsisRecently, Andreas Douros has tried to change the firmware of Vodafone R215 with Huawei E5372 and his device was bricked. Basically, Vodafone R215 keeps restarting again and again after flashing the firmware.

If you also facing the same problem, then this article will help you in repairing of Vodafone R215 / Huawei E5372 router.

How to Repair Bricked Vodafone R215 / Huawei E5372?

1. Remove the battery from the device and put it again.

2. Push menu button and then power button simultaneously.

3. You will see the Huawei / Vodafone logo and also some words like “Force download” for just one second!

4. Quickly release both buttons and push the menu button again while the words “Force download” appear on the screen.

5. If you are failed to doing so, then repeat the procedure again.

6. If it works, you’ll see a big arrow sign on your display and the words like “Don’t remove power” or something like that.

7. Now, you can start flashing with the correct firmware

you can try these:

Vodafone R215 Mobile Wifi Firmware Update (Vodafone Australia E5372) / R215MobileWifiFirmware_v3.1

Vodafone R215 Mobile Wifi Firmware v3.0

or any another firmware from this links.


Another Solution:

1. Download Huawei R215 – E5372 Flasher Tool and leave it running on PC.

2. Connect Vodafone R215 / Huawei E5372 to PC using its USB cable.

3. Remove the battery and install the battery.

4. Switch it ON.

5. Press (…) in front of COM PORT(s).

6. Freeware tool will detect the COM port.

7. Click “rear info at”.

8. It will display the information of your connected device.

9. Click “Switch to DM”. It will switch the device to download mode.

10. Click “Flash”.

11. Choose the firmware / WebUI from your PC and it will start the flashing Vodafone R215 / Huawei  E5372 again.

Note: During the flashing of Vodafone R215 / Huawei E5372, it may ask you a password. Generate the firmware or flash code using the universal master tool.

That’s all. Big thanks to Andreas Douros, who has tested and suggested the solution.

Order SIMlock Unlock of Vodafone R215 / Huawei E5372_

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