Huawei Dashboard Tool is a free software which has been made by Huawei company itself and presently its latest version is available to download. It is not for unlocking the Huawei devices. But, its benefit is more than that. One can create the dashboard through this too. One who wants to create dashboard through ISO file can use this beautiful tool.

How to Create the Dashboard from ISO for Huawei Dongle?

1. Download any Huawei Dashboard from the internet or just copy your modem dashboard to create an ISO file.

2. If you have already downloaded in .iso then continue with next step, if not in .iso then use folder2iso or any other software to create ISO file.

3. Now run Huawei Dashboard Tool.

4. Click on “Select” button of “Input ISO image file” and select your .iso file from here.

5, Click on “Select” button of “Output dashboard installer file” and select the path where you want to keep new dashboard .exe file.

6. After all the above steps, click on “Create dashboard” button.

7. After a few minutes, you will see a .exe file has been created on your specified location.

8. To update the dongle with new dashboard, insert the modem into your computer USB port.

9. Let it install the drivers into PC.

10. Now run the created .exe file to update your dongle.

Now your dongle has a new dashboard of your own choice.

Download Huawei Dashboard Tool V0.0.0.8 Latest Version


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