Like Huawei Dashboard Tool V0.0.0.8 which is for Huawei dongles, Novatel users can use Novatel Dashboard Tool V0.0.03. I have recently got this tool while visiting the internet. Novatel users will be get benefited through this tool.
Novatel Dashboard Tool V0.0.0.3 is very easy and in options, it is just like Huawei Dashboard Tool V0.0.0.8. It is also a portable tool, means there is no installation is required. Just download and run the app to use.

To create the dashboard from the ISO file just select the ISO and choose the output location, select the model name and click on “Create dashboard” to create dashboard for your specific model.

Users who want to create a universal dashboard for any Novatel modem, just click on “Disable model check” and then proceed with above steps.

Download Novatel Dashboard Tool V0.0.03


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