Huawei‘s B890 WebCube (Gateway) is unlockable. I have already unlocked B890-75 Drei (3) web cube of Austria using FMC unlocker. But, Zain and another carrier B890-75 comes with customized firmware and it does not accept the unlock code. Also, the latest firmware of B890 does not accept the SIMlock code. May be, this firmware will be able to unlock your B890-75 of Zain carrier, however, we have personally not tested and I am not responsible for any harm of your device.

In this post, I will share the instruction of firmware updating and download link of firmware (link is provided at the end of the article).

How to Change / Flash the Firmware of Huawei B890 WebCube (Gateway) ?

1. Download the firmware update from the link.

2. Now double click on the downloaded file to run it.

Running the Firmware of Huawei B890 WebCube or Gateway3. Click on “Check” to check the currently installed version.

Check Firmware version of B890 Router4. Now click on “Upgrade”. The update will start and the WebCube begins to flash.

Upgrade - Huawei B890 Firmware5. Once the update is complete, the WebCube will restart. Modules which is compatible with your device will be updated, and which are not compatible will be not updated in this processes and will be unchanged.

Firmware B890 Finish6. The update is now complete. You can use your B890-75 WebCube in the usual way. You need to do the setting again.

Note : Firmware update is risky and it may corrupt your device. Do it at your own risk. Also, before starting the process, make sure your device and laptop are connected to constant power supply / UPS.

Download Huawei B890Upgrade-C03B124SP01

Firmware of Router Module Version: 1281.
Firmware of Wireless Module Version: 1281.

Download Huawei B890-V100R001C03B127SP02

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  1. i successfully switched FW from ZAIN to 3WebCube, but stil not able to unlock b890-75
    the following codes did not work
    IMEI: 866695010286334
    Unlock (V1): 65247878
    Unlock (V2): 81650613
    Unlock (V3): 33402563
    why router not accept unlock yet ?

  2. I have successfully upgraded the firmware from zain to 3webcube but it is still locked and need sim lock code.
    Is there any software for erasing sim lock code or modem system analysis software (reverse engineering software) to unlock it. Some like CDMA workshop


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