Want to earn money online, then there are two platforms, where you can start your own, Blogger and WordPress. Blogger platform is more popular than WordPress, and this online service is owned by Google. It is completely free service and there is no charge of hosting your website data. You need a Gmail account and you can create up to 100 blogs free of cost.

If you are unfamiliar with the service, this article will help you to set up an account and create a new blog on Blogger.com.

How to Create a New Blog in Google Blogger.com ?

1. Navigate to blogger.com using any web browser of your choice.

2. Login to blogger using Gmail account.

Blogger - Login

3. Click on “New Blog”.

Create a New Blog

4. Here, in “Title” text box, put the website title related to your blog, like “Latest Tech News & Gadget”.

5. In “Address” text box, put the address in blogspot.com format. If that address will be available then it will get tick mark and written as “This blog address is available.”

Blogger - Title and Address6. Now, choose any available Template and click “Create Blog”.

7. Now, you have successfully created your blog.

Blog Created8. Click “Start posting“.

First Post9. Now, you can create new blog posts, edit posts and even edit pages, which is already published.

10. In post title box, put the title of the article, you want to publish. Below, a big box is available for writing the description in details.

After writing the details and everything, click on Publish from the right-side menu. Now, you can view the post.

View the postNow, you keep posting, there is no limit of posts in a blog. After 2-3 months when you get enough visits then apply for advertising. There are various advertising companies are available, which pays a good amount of money. I share a new article in more details for earning the money.

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