Glay Utilities is one of the best all-in-one windows software, which is available for free and can be used for personal purposes. It has clean and an easy user-interface that includes 1-click clean-up button. Currently, its version 5.53 is available for download, which is approx. 16 MB in size.

Apart from the clean and easy user interface, the Glary Utilities offers various modules that promise to keep your Windows PC running in top condition.


After installing, when you will run this freeware tool, you will land on Overview tab, where you will get options to “Turn on automatic maintenance”, “Erase privacy tracks on Windows shutdown”, “Check for updates when program starts”, “Turn on deep clean and fix”, and “Check for software updates automatically”. From the middle pane it will inform you about “Windows boot time” and also you can go through “Startup Manager”. From the right pane, you can see the software version and also offers to upgrade to Pro.

Startup Manager


Under “Startup Manager” you will see different tabs like “Startup Programs”, “Scheduled Tasks”, “Plug-ins”, “Application Services”, and “Windows Services”. If you find and services or programs which are starting with Windows is unnecessary you can disable.

1-Click Maintenance


Under “1-Click Maintenance”; ‘Registry Cleaner’, ‘Shortcuts Fixer’, ‘Spyware Remover’, ‘Temporary Files Cleaner’ and ‘Startup Manager’ are enabled by default. You can also check options ‘Disk Repair’ and ‘Tracks Eraser’.

At the bottom, every module is available separately : Startup Manager, Registry Repair, Disk Cleanup, Context Menu Manager, Disk Space Analyser, Process Manager, Uninstall Manager, Software Upgrade, Browser Assistant, Tracks Eraser, Malware Remover, Driver Manager, Shortcut Fixer, Duplicates Files Finder, Empty Files Finder, Quick Search, File Undelete, File Splitter, Check Disk, Disk Defrag, File Encrypter, File Shredder, System Information, Undo Changes, Memory Optimizer, and Registry Defrag.

Registry Repair


It will scan and repair your registry files. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is another trusted application to clean and repair the registry. The another ways to boost your computer by compressing the registry files, which can be done through Registry Compressor.

Disk Cleanup


Disk CleanUp module cleans temporary files, thumbnail cache, memory dump files, error report files, system log, remote desktop cache, recycle bin, start menu invalid shortcuts, desktop invalid shortcuts, IIS log, old prefetch data, font cache, downloaded programs, windows updates etc. CCleaner is the most popular software to clean the disk.

Context Menu Manager

You can remove the right click context menu items using Context Menu Manager.

Disk Space Analyser


With this tool, you can analyze how your disk space has been utilized.

Process Manager

It monitors programs that run on your PC and stop spyware and Trojans.

Uninstall Manager


This tool will help you completely uninstall programs which are no longer required. From the left side menu, you can identify recently installed programs, windows updates, large programs, and rarely used programs.

Browser Assistant


Browser Assistant is one of the best features under Glary Utilities, which keep tracks on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers for unauthorized changes.

Tracks Eraser

Tracks Eraser is used to erase all the traces, track and evidence in Windows, Browsers, Plug-ins and more. It auto-detects the installed applications and offers you erasing options for those applications only.

Malware Remover

It scans the hijacked registry files and restores them.

Driver Manager

It allows you to back-up and to restore the drivers which are installed on your PC. Double Driver and Snappy Driver Installer do the similar job.

Shortcut Fixer

Scans and fixes the broken shortcut.

Duplicates Files Finder

Scans your PC for duplicate files and let you fix.

Empty Files Finder

Scans your computer for empty files and delete them.

Check Disk

Check Disk scans the hard disk for bad sectors and attempts to repair. It also automatically fixes file system errors.

Disk Defrag

Disk Defrag analyse and defrag the hard disk to boot up the computer. Windows OS ships with a built-in defragmentation tool, however, Auslogics Disk Defrag does the work faster.

File Encrypter

File Encrypter allows you to encrypt or decrypt the files and also let you password protect.

File Shredder

File Shredder deletes your files securely so that it can not be recovered from any software. It also wipe free space on your hard disk.

System Information

System Information tool provides the detailed information about your operating system and hardware parts.

Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer let you optimize the RAM by closing the unnecessary background apps.

Registry Defrag

Registry Defrag is another tool which you will love. Unlike the cleaning registry files, it defrags and re-arrange the Registry of your Windows PC.

Glary Utilities is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Win 7 / 8 / 10. The performance is quite good and we must use it. You can download Glary Utilities from here.


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