In this post, we are going to share the download link of Vodafone dongle and router firmware update that is free. You can download Huawei E392, E398, E870, E800, E660, and CDMA modems firmware. You can also download the latest official MTN Zambia dashboard and firmware to update the MTN modem also. You can find out ZTE modem firmware (Old and New ZTE) and firmware download links for Huawei E3276, E3131, E367, E352, E353, E392, E398, E173Cs-1, E303, E153, E353ws-1, E303C firmware too.

Firmware update wizard
Firmware update wizard

Here, we are sharing official download links of Vodafone modem and router including firmware and software update.


Download Firmware Vodafone MT882 broadband ADSL2+ modem (0 B)

Download Firmware Vodafone HG 520s broadband ADSL2+ wireless modem (9 KiB)


Download Vodafone Mobile Connect software (Windows Version and Mac Version (


Suitable for the following models:


Standard USB Modem (K3771)
Standard USB Modem (K3571Z)
USB Pro Modem (K4511)
USB Extreme Modem (K4605)
Mega Modem (K4505)
USB Modem (K3765)


Download Vodafone USB Classic (K3773) Firmware Update (K3773QuickStartFirmware_v4.6.exe)

Download Vodafone USB Extreme (K4606) Firmware Update (K4606QuickStartFirmware_v2.3.exe)

Download Vodafone Pocket WiFi Extreme (R208) Firmware Update (R208MobileWifiFirmware_v6.0.exe)

Download Vodafone Pocket WiFi Pro (R205) Firmware Update (R205MobileWifiFirmware_v8.0.exe)

Download Vodafone Pocket WiFi R205 firmware V5.0 Free

Download Latest Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software MAC Dmg

Download Vodafone Mobile Broadband MAC

Download Vodafone Pocket WiFi 2 (E585u-82) Firmware Update (UTPSTOOL-ConnLaucher_WIN1.01.01.737_MAC1.01.00.737_Update.exe)

Download Vodafone Pocket WiFi 2 (E585u-82) Dashboard Update (E585U-82Update_11.

Download Vodafone R101 Sharing Dock Firmware Update (WG7012E22-LF-IR_FW_1.03.09(20110909)

Download Vodafone Mobile Broadband (formerly Vodafone Mobile Connect)

Download Firmware Huawei E355s-2 (Vodafone Egypt)

Download Vodafone R101 latest firmware WG7012E22-LF-IR FW 1.03.09(20110909)


Above mentioned all firmware are from the official site of Vodafone Australia.



Download links from Vodafone Newzealand Official website :


Download Vodafone Modem Software for Windows users

Download Vodafone Dongle Software for Mac users


Download Links from Vodafone Belgium Official website :


Download Vodafone K4505 Modem Firmware 10.3.401.43721RC1

Download Vodafone K4505 Modem Software 10.3.401.43721RC1