Again as I had promised, I have come with some more firmware updates, which download link is provided below. You can use these firmware to unlock the modems as well as to repair the huawei modems also. 
Firmware update success
Firmware update success
Firmware Huawei EC226 

Download Firmware Huawei EC226 EC226_Firmware_Update_11. 100

Firmware Huawei EM770 
Download Firmware Huawei EM770 
EM770_Firmware_Update_11. 416

Firmware Huawei UMG181 
Download Firmware Huawei UMG181

Firmware Huawei UMG1691 
Download Firmware Huawei UMG1691

Firmware Huawei UMG1831 
Download Firmware Huawei UMG1831 11.831.05.01.420.B427

Firmware Modem Huawei E372 
Huawei Modem Firmware Firmware E372/K4605-H 

Firmware modem Huawei E392 Airtel 
Modem Firmware Huawei Airtel LTE E392 (E392u-92) Firmware: 

Firmware modem Huawei E398 
Modem Firmware Huawei E398 firmware E398_Update_11.335.27.00.000.B757.elisa. fi

Firmware for Huawei E398 modem 
firmware for the modem Huawei E398 firmware update MDM9200-1Update_11.335.31.00.000.B757.exe

Firmware modem Huawei E398 
modem Huawei E398 Firmware version Firmware 

Firmware modem Huawei EC152 
Modem Firmware Huawei EC152 firmware EC152Update_11.

Firmware modem Huawei EC150 
Modem Firmware Huawei EC150 firmware EC150Update_11.

Firmware modem Huawei EC1262 
modem firmware Huawei EC1262 firmware EC1262Update_11.

Firmware modem Huawei EC1261 
modem firmware Huawei EC1261 firmware EC1261Update_11.

Firmware modem Huawei EC1260 
modem firmware Huawei EC1260 firmware EC1260Update_11.

Firmware modem Huawei EC122 
Modem Firmware Huawei EC122 firmware EC122Update_11.

Firmware modem Huawei EC121 
Modem Firmware Huawei EC121 firmware EC_121CEEC1213318V100R001B100D16SP06C113

Firmware E1553

Firmware modem Huawei E870 
Modem Firmware Huawei E870 firmware E870Update_11.311.04.00.47

Firmware modem Huawei E800 
Modem Firmware Huawei E800 firmware E800AUpdate_11.310.09.00.00.B310

Firmware modem Huawei E660 
Modem Firmware Huawei E660 firmware E660Update_11.310.11.00.22

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