In this article, you will get various types of firmware and software update of Huawei E5373 and Vodafone R215 Mobile WiFi router. We had also covered about unlocking of R215 and firmware update procedure of the R215. Vodafone R215 is basically Huawei’s E5372 and firmware can be interchanged.

The firmware update is risky may lead your device to dead, so do it at your own risk. While updating the firmware, it may ask you for the password, leave a comment with model and IMEI to get the correct password.

Unlock code charge for all these devices R215, E5373 and E5372 is 6 USD. If interested then pay 6 USD through PayPal button of this website and mention model and IMEI in the transaction. Your correct unlock code / NCK code will be delivered via mail within 8 hrs.

Download Huawei E5372 WebUI DashBoard Update

Download R215 Mobile Wifi Router Firmware (German Vodafone)

Download Vodafone R215 Mobile Wifi Firmware v3.1

Download Huawei E5373 WEBUI V7R2 (MTS Russia)

Download WebUi Huawei E5373 (Altel Kazakhstan)

Download WebUi Huawei E5373 (Kuwait Alghanim)

Download WebUi Huawei E5373 (Italy TIM)

Download WebUi Huawei E5373 (Saudi Arabia Open Market)

Download WebUi Huawei E5373 (Altel Kazakhstan)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-155 (Empyrean Philippines)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-155 (Polkomtel Polsat Poland)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-155 (MTS Russia)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-155 (MTN Iran)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-155 (New Zealand)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-155 (Tim Italy)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-155 (Saudi Arabia Normal)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-157 (Altel Kazakhstan)

Download Firmware Update Huawei E5373s-928 (Normal)


  1. Thanks Kamlesh Kumar. password worked flawlessly but the problem is when i use update tool it says it is for E5377 not E5373 and it cannnot be updated

  2. Name B593u-91

    SN V4H5TD9332902808

    IMEI 863168013214516

    Hardware version Ver.B

    Software version V100R001C82SP070

    please send me unlock firmware

  3. slamm
    can any one help me. I purchase EVO Chargi E5377 unlocked delice from market. after 2 months use the device asked for update. when i complete the update, the device is again locked. and there is no option of unlock code. please help me

  4. @kamlesh2011:disqus Good day bro, I need password for firmware update Huawei E5373s-155 Gracias.

    Hardware version:CL2E5377SM02 Software version:
    My pocket wifi suddenly got No Service. How do I use firmware update btw? Thanks I’ll be waiting cause I need internet for college works 🙂

  5. after I update my router to E5373s-155 (Saudi Arabia Normal) I can’t login because the password and username incorrect.

    I tried to use these, admin / password / admin1234 but they didn’t work

  6. When I run the .exe it asks for a password after it connects. What should I put there?
    My model is e5377 and imei: 864849022437730
    Thanks in advance

  7. Huawei CODES

    Choice of 3 speeds: Speedy , Quick or Non Urgent


    Speedy Service : $5.95
    Your code should be sent within 3 hours

    Quick Service : $4.95
    Your code will be emailed within 5 hours from the time of your email order

    Non-Urgent Service : $3.95
    Your code will normally be emailed within 10 hours

    Guaranteed to work or money refunded

    Paypal ID And Mention Model And IMEI IN Transaction

  8. Kamlesh Kumar how can restore my firmware: 21.210..21.00.158 and
    WebUI: My 4G E5330Bs-2 becomes 3G. Please help me man.

  9. Hello there, could you kindly provide the password for my R215 MobileWifiFirmware_v3.1 update wizard. I am stuck without it otherwise the device wont work properly with the current firmware. it is already unlocked, but somethings not working properly signal reception. So im hoping that upgrading again the firmware will fix it.
    Device is the Huawei E5372. My IMEi is 358151051585486

  10. HI SIR
    MY HUAWEI E5373s- 928
    IMEI: 866141020072711
    AND ALSO HERE IS NO – Advance Settings>> SIM Car Settings >> Unlock Device. OPTION.
    PLZ HELP what can i do.

  11. HI SIR
    MY HUAWEI E5373s-928
    IMEI: 866141020072711
    AND ALSO HERE IS NO – Advance Settings>> SIM Car Settings >> Unlock Device. OPTION.
    so what can i do. cause before some days its work with every sim in soudi but in india its not work.

  12. hello.kamlesh kumar ji i have a huawei E5373s-155.I tried to unlock the modem but it was unsuccsful adn now lock counter is 0.will it be unlocked now?
    how can i reset the lock counter??

  13. Found modem : E5373s-155
    Model : Huawei E5373
    IMEI : 865103023833961
    Serial NR. : X6QDW15930003259
    Firmware : 21.303.05.00.397
    Compile date / time : Aug 3 2015 14:09:02
    Hardware ver. : CL2E5377SM02
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

    NCK CODE: 49441521
    FLASH CODE: 49057959

      • thanks dear friend
        i cant put the code in modem!
        modem code writer cant identify which port modem is conncted to!
        please send me a software that can help me to write the code easily
        when i connect the modem a page displays ( 0 ) zero time left to enter the code !
        also i downloaded a software named huawei modem unlocker
        but it runs with error!
        im using it with windows 10
        do you think any other version must be installed?
        or any other software must i install to do unlocking?
        please introduce a little

      • here i have not good network coverage!
        i refresh pages but it seems that it send copy of messages!
        hot can i resolve this problem?!
        with software can help me?
        also i have a zte mobile phone from australia i and it does not accept codes!
        it shows wrong code entering
        i think about 2 or 3 times is possible to enter code!
        IMEI is:
        can you help me please?!
        i need both of these!

  14. Dear Kamlesh Kumar,

    thank you very much for your helpful.

    so could you please give me update password.

    Device name: E5373s-928
    IMEI: 866141020482878

    looking forward to hear from you soon.


  15. Hello Kamlesh
    Hope you good
    Please help me with, Unlock code for E5373s-155
    IMEI : 865103023640481
    I used the below codes but nothing worked out ,Please assist
    NEW ALGO CODE : 41350582
    OLD ALGO CODE : 54843773
    FLASH CODE : 49544949

    Help me with the unlock code , Im stuck

  16. Hi Kamlesh,
    I need the unlock code for my Huawei Modem E5373s-155, IMEI=865103022259960, I tried unlock code 53511638, generated by Master Code Generator but didn’t work and i am left with only single chnace of trying. Can you please provide the unlock code ? I really need it in my exams are coming. Pls Pls Help.

    Thanks in advance

  17. please i have some trouble of my log in webpage i try already username: admin pass: admin123, admin1234, admin12345, pass123, pass1234 and pass 12345. i just update my firmware in alghanim kuwait and this what happen

    IMEI: 865103023979244

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