DC Unlocker is a famous group of modem, router, and phone unlocking. It supports unlocking of almost all types of modems and phones eg: Huawei modems, Amoi, Huawei phones, Longcheer, Maxon, Micromax, MyWave, Novatel, Onda, Option, Pantech, Sierra Wireless, skype phone, Toshiba, ZTE modems & phones. Recently DC Unlocker team has launched DC-unlocker client software v1.00.0913.

In DC-unlocker client software V1.00.0913 team has added supports for the following:

Modems :

Huawei E157

Huawei E3526 HiLink
Customized modems:

ZTE MF170 BD_BEELINEP679M1V1.0.0B02 Jul 20 2010 15:47:23 (Beeline Russia)

Huawei E173 Jul 18 2011 16:09:24 (Tigo Tanzania)

Huawei B115

Huawei Vodafone R205

Novatel MiFi3352

Novatel MiFi3352


Huawei Neo3100

Huawei FP615H

Softbank ZTE 003z

Added repair damaged security data feature for almost all supported Huawei phones.

In DC-unlocker client software V1.00.0913 the following repair feature has been solved:

  • No network after unlock
  • SIM Lock status: unknown (read failed)
  • SIM Lock status: unlocked (but phone asks for code)
  • No difference how security data was damaged, it can be repaired without backup.

Download DC-unlocker client software


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