Various users facing problem after unlocking his modems. After unlocking the device data-card does not allow to create the new profile and unable to connect to internet without creating correct profile.

What is solution, If your dongle also does not allow to create the profile?

There are two methods : either change the dashboard with another, that allows to create the profile. Another method is, you can create a Dial-Up connection.

Finding the unlocked dashboard is very difficult, since in market various types of devices are available, and one is not compatible to another one. So, better go for Dial-Up connection. It is easy and there is no need to use third party apps.

How to create a dial-up connection ?

  1. Make sure drivers are properly installed in the PC.
  2. Uninstall the default software of modem and install only drivers for your data-card.
  3. If it is not possible then, install both software with drivers and then delete the software / dashboard manually from program files. (Usually you can get it through C:\Program Files\……..)
  4. If it is also not possible then delete the only .exe file from program files, which runs after putting the modem into the PC.
  5. Now, in your PC drivers are installed properly, but you will be not able to connect to the internet, since, you don’t have any software to connect to internet.

Tricks starts from here :

1. Plug the device to PC.

2. Right click on Network / My Network places from the desktop and go to the properties.

Network and Sharing Center3. Click on Set up a new connection or network.

Connect to the Internet4. Click on Dial-Up.


5. Here, you will see the list of modems.

List of Modems

6. Choose proper data-card, through which you want to connect to the internet.

7. Use Dial up phone number as *99# and leave another fields blank.

8. Clock on connect.

9. Now, you will get screen “Registering your computer on the network”.

Registering your computer on the network

10. Now, you have successfully connected to the internet.

 If you get error in connecting to internet, then you need to configure the APN.

1. To configure APN, open Control Panel and go to “Hardware and Sound” – “Devices and Printers”.

2. Here, you will get a list of devices. In my case, I will choose Huawei.

A List of Devices3. Right click on the device, which you want to configure and select “Modem Settings”.

Modem Settings

4. Proceed up to Phone and Modem window by putting any dummy figure. Now, go to Modems tab.


5. If modem is already attached, then it will show the COM port number in from of Attached To.

6. Double click on the port and it will open properties window will be opened.

7. Click on “Advanced” tab.


8. In Extra initialization commands write as :


Here, replace APNstring with your carrier APN. Click on OK and enjoy the internet without software of the modem.

Note : If you running Windows Vista or above then disable the UAC and then proceed with steps.

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