You may already know that when a new operating system installs in your computer it overwrite previous operating system boot file. What ever operating system will be installed later in your computer by default that will be your default operating system. When you will start your computer then you will be get your latest operating system as first boot.

If you have installed Windows 7 and Windows 8 both in your computer then when you start your computer then by default it takes upto Windows 8 login screen. But, what you will do if you want to make Windows 7 as your default operating system in dual booting with Windows 8.

Steps to make Windows 7 as default operating system :

1. Login to your Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. Now right click on Computer icon and select properties and its will open System window. (I am showing through Windows 8)

my computer properties2. Click on “Advanced system settings” from the left side and it will open System Properties window.

system properties3. Here in Advanced tab click on Settings… below Startup and Recovery and it will open Startup and Recovery window.

startup and recovery24. Here, you will find “Windows 8″ as default operating system. Click on Windows 8 and you will get here two option Windows 8 and Windows 7. Click on Windows 7.

startup and recovery

Now click “OK” and you have done it. Now whenever you will start your computer Windows 7 will be your default operating. You can make Windows 8 as default operating system through this way also.

Additional Tips : Here you can see “Time to display list of operating systems :” It is waiting time when you will start your computer from choose your operating system. If you not choose upto 30 seconds then it will boot into Windows 7 automatically. You can change the waiting time as your own.

Note : If you will make Windows 7 as default operating system after Login into Windows 8, then when you will start your computer it will take you upto the boot screen of Windows 8 and from there it will be restart automatically and it will take you upto the Windows 7 Login Screen. Hence, it will take more time to start Windows 8. Hence, better make Windows 7 default operating system through Windows 7 only.

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