I had previously written about Download DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm modems Flasher v. to unlock ZTE MF180, ZTE MF190 and ZTE MF190U. Today DC Unlocker has released new addon for DC Unlocker users. DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm Writer v. download link is provided at the end of the article.

DC-Unlocker - ZTE Qualcomm Writer v.
DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm Writer v.

Unlocking Features of DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm Writer v. :

  1. Unlock ZTE MF622
  2. Unlock ZTE MF180
  3. Unlock ZTE MF190
  4. Unlock ZTE MF190U

What is new in DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm Writer v. :

  1. Improved flashing process
  2. Added Read NV Backup function
  3. IMEI Repair option is available
  4. Unlock customized modems by rewriting firmware (like INDIA Airtel, IDEA, TATA, SMARTBRO, TELMA and etc..)
  5. Write firmware and dashboard
  6. Support area with many fimwares for ZTE Qualcomm modems.
  7. Auto backup NV Items
  8. Restore NV Items
  9. Repair modems (can be repaired if modem is visible by pc, required one port)


Warning !!!

MF190 has 2 hardware versions :

64K and 128K nand firmware are not compatible with  DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm Writer v. If not compatible nand firmware updated, modem will be bricked. It will be possible to repair only with JTAG device.
MF190 IDEA has 64K nand flash
Mf190 Tata and MF190U Airtel has 128K nand.
Before updating firmware, please ensure that firmware file size is correct for modem.


Download DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm Writer v.


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