You might have already tried to copy the text from some Windows dialog boxes, but not got the success. For example Error Message boxes does not let you copy the text on them. Windows do not allow to copy those error codes and error message, however, you can note down it manually, but it can be a painful task if the text is long.

If you want to find out the solution for the error, you have to copy the text and then further you can search in search engines for the best possible results. Since the messages cannot be selected or copied in the normal way, hence we had earlier used “Textify” to copy unselectable texts.

Gttext is different from others, as it recognizes text character from images and copies it to the Windows clipboard, then you can paste it into any text file or document file. It is very easy to use because it asks for image file as soon as we start this application. This free tool supports different types of image formats like BMG, JPG, Gif and many other. Once you click on “Copy image text” available on the application toolbar, Gttext automatically identifies the text on the image file and will show up on a small dialog box.

How to copy Error Codes & Messages from Dialog Boxes In Windows 10/8/7?

GTText is another small piece of free software, that lets you grab and capture text from such error message boxes. It comes in a portable format and there is no need to install it in Windows. Simply download it and start using.

1. Download the Gttext freeware from here.

2. Run it and select the image if already exist.

image-file-selection3. After selecting the image, click “Open”.


4. Now the selected image will be in GTText tool.

5. Click left mouse button and press it and drag the area from where you want to copy the text.


6. It will copy all the text and a new window will be opened with texts.

7. Click “Continue”.

8. Now texts are under clipboard, you can paste it in a notepad, word, etc.

Note: You can continue if you are satisfied with the texts that are recognized by application otherwise press Try Again button from the pop-up dialog box. Clearly speaking it is not possible for any application to gives 100% result but most of the times it identify result near accuracy.

Copying text from open windows is also possible with GetWindowText.