Basically, Vodafone has reduced the speed of K3765 modem with a customized firmware. Means, with a generic firmware update, you can utilize the maximum. If you have a Vodafone K3765 dongle, then now you can convert it to Huawei E1762 via firmware. While changing the firmware, it also gets unlocked.
Vodafone K4305 Huawei Modem Dongle
Vodafone K3765 Huawei Modem

How to Convert Huawei K3765 to E1762?

1. Make sure that there is no power fluctuation in between the process, because your modem may be dead forever.

2. Download firmware update

3. Now unzip the downloaded firmware using WinRAR software.

4. Now plug your Vodafone K3765 Huawei modem and let it install all the drivers and software in your PC, which is required to run it properly.

5. Now disconnect from the internet and close the software of the modem.

6. Run the firmware file.

7. Accept the “Terms And Conditions” and click Next.

8. Now the firmware update will search for the connected modem (Vodafone K3765 Huawei).

9. After completing the search it will show every details of your modem which is connected to computer/laptop.

10. Click Next.

11. Click Start.

12. Now it will ask for the password to update the Device. Here you input the flash code which is generated by Universal Master Code Calculator.

13. Click Next and wait until firmware has been downloaded into your modem.

14. After all the process, a message will appear, “Update Success”.

Now You have successfully updated the firmware for your Modem. Now your modem has been upgraded from K3765 to E1732 and unlocked for any network.



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