Firmware is an integral part of any device and without the firmware, the device does not work. Some devices come with un-customized firmware, means after changing the default SIM card with any another network provider SIM card, it can be easily unlocked. If the device has customized firmware then without changing the firmware, unlocking is not possible. Some devices come with un-customized firmware but customized software or WebUI, means after changing the default SIM card, it does not ask for unlock code but can be unlocked with a third party tool or with the help of putty.

To change the firmware, you need a flash or firmware code, which can be generated through a universal master tool.

If you are trying to search a firmware update of your device, then you must know the previous firmware of the Huawei device. In this post, we will try to check the firmware version of the different Huawei modems, and routers.

How to Check the Firmware version of Huawei Modem or Router?

Checking firmware of USB Modem

1. Download the DC unlocker software.

2. Connect the USB dongle to Windows PC.

3. Let it install the drivers and dashboard / WebUI of the dongle or wingle.

4. Close the dashboard or software of the modem, if it automatically starts.

5. Now run the DC unlocker app and click search Icon to detect the device under it.

firmware-version-check6. It will show the firmware version as marked in the above screenshot.

In my case, I have detected the E1750c dongle of Aircel and it is running with firmware version

In similar ways you can find the Hilink Huawei dongle firmware and WebUI version too.

Checking the firmware version of Huawei’s LAN port routers

1. Connect the router to PC with its default LAN cable.

2. Browse its default IP through Internet Explorer.

3. Login to the device.

4. Click Home > Product Information.

lan-port-router-firmware-version-checkHere you can see the firmware version of E5172 router as V200R001C209SP100, which belongs to MegaFone Russia. To know more about a firmware version, refer my post, how to determine the country and operator versions of huawei firmware?

Checking the firmware version of Huawei MiFi Routers

To know the firmware version of Huawei MiFi routers is very interesting. It is written as software version not firmware version and most of us gets confused.

1. Switch on the router and connect to PC with WiFi or USB cable.

2. Browse its default IP address.

3. Go to Settings > System > Device information.

huawei-mifi-firmware-version-checkHere in my case we are trying to check the firmware version of my E5573 router. It is running firmware version and WebUI version, which is of Hong Kong operator.

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