In this post, we will the APN settings of all network providers of India, including Aircel, Airtel, Idea, Tata Docomo, Reliance, Vodafone, MTNL, and Jio. Once you have correct APN, you can easily create a new profile in Huawei Mobile partner software or mobile phone or MiFi‘s. After creating the correct profile with correct APN, one can use his modem or mobile or router with any network provider SIM.
Network providers
2G Aircel

APN – aircelgprs or

Access Number : *99# or *99***1#

3G Aircel

APN – aircelinternet

Access Number : *99# or *99***1#

2G & 3G Airtel


Access Number : *99# or *99***1#

Tata Docomo

APN – tata.docomo.internet
Access Number : *99# or *99***1#


APN – internet
Access Number : *99# or *99***1#


APN – rcomwap

Access Number : *99# or *99***1#


APN – bsnlnet
Access Number : *99# or *99***1#


APN – www
Access Number : *99# or *99***1#

MTNL 3G Postpaid

APN – mtnl3g
Access Number : *99# or *99***1#

MTNL 3G Prepaid

APN – pps3g
Access Number : *99# or *99***1#

2G Uninor (It only provides 2G network)

APN – uninor
Access Number : *99# or *99***1#


APN – jionet

Access Number : *99# or *99***1#

Note : Users can use 2G APN or 3G APN in any network, either 3G or 2G. APN could not change the speed, it only depends on the network strength and service provider.

Note : Incase you are configuring the profile in the mobile phone, there is no need to put any proxy setting, just leave this field blank.


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