I had previously written about a new gadget Alcatel One Touch Y800. Alcatel One Touch Link W800 4G WiFi Router is also approximately same like Alcatel One Touch Y800 USB router. Alcatel W800 WiFi USB router creates a WiFi zone with high-speed 4G Internet connectivity. You can download any file with blazing fast 100 Mbps, whereas maximum upload speed limit is 50 Mbps. Alcatel one touch link W800 is not only a 4G LTE USB  dongle, but it transforms into a portable WiFi hotspot through the use of two sets of accessories. The W800 router allowing up to 10 users to simultaneously stay connected online.

Alcatel One Touch Link W800 4G WiFi Router
Alcatel One Touch Link W800 4G WiFi Router

Alcatel One Touch Link W800 4G WiFi router supports 4G LTE network, 10 WiFi connections,  download speed up to 100 Mbps as well as upload speed 50 Mbps, which is equal to Vodafone R210 product.


WiFi Multi Power Kit is the accessory set dedicated to indoor connection,  The WiFi Multi Power Kit includes one car power supply and a slim wall power supply. By simply plugging the Internet key into the power supply, the device is able to spread the WiFi signal in the car, at home, in the office.

Alcatel One Touch Link W800 Router accessories
Alcatel One Touch Link W800 Router accessories

With its 5200 mAh battery, the power bank lasts one whole working day (up to 8 hours life). Users simply insert the Internet key into the power bank, to enjoy a powerful high-speed connection while on the go.


The key features and specifications of Alcatel One Touch Link W800 4G USB Wi-Fi Router:

1. Device Type : LTE Mobile WiFi / WiFi LTE Internet key

2. Platform : Qualcomm MDM9215 + AR6003G

3. LTE Network : Downlink up to 100 Mbps / Uplink up to 50 Mbps

4. WiFi : 802.11 b/g/n; WiFi data transmission speed up to 75 Mbps

5. Mass Storage : 2Gb NAND FLASH + 1Gb LPDDR


7. OTG function : up to 10 WiFi users

8. External Interfaces : USB (2.0 High Speed), Micro SD (up to 32GB), 1 USIM/SIM slot

9. Dimensions : 89 x 27.5 x 14 mm

Alcatel One Touch Link W800 4G WiFi Router Dimensions
Alcatel One Touch Link W800 4G WiFi Router Dimensions

10. Weight : 35 grams

11. Bands available :

B (LTE : 1800/2600MHz; 3G:900/2100MHz)
Z (LTE : 800/900/1800/2600MHz; 3G: 900/1800/2100MHz)
O (LTE : 700/850/AWS/1900/2100/2600MHz; 3G: 850/AWS/1900/2100MHz)

You might be interested in Huawei E8221 and E8231 mobile WiFi Wingle, which features are alike Alcatel One Touch Link W800 4G WiFi Router. If you are planning to purchase then for better prices search online to get in cheaper rates.

Alcatel W800 is not unlockable yet as it does not accept the NCK code.

The idea, Airtel, and Vodafone have launched Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ devices in India. It can not be unlocked, however the device is asking for SIMlock code after changing the SIM card.


  1. I want to unlock Alcatel W800DG of airtel 4g wifi dongle..can u please help me?? Does it work other sim with its own firmware? It show to put nck code.

  2. I am using the device for the first time since last year. I bought a new sim but when I try to connect to the wifi it’s asking me for a pass??? I have rebooted it and again. Does anyone know the default pass if any?

  3. Hi, I have an Alcatel OneTouch Link W800 router and I want to unlock it. It requests the NCK code when I put a different SIM into it then T-Mobile Hungary. Is it possible?

  4. I have been purchased alcatel 4g MW40CJ router. but I also use it easier to every networking sim card. But I don’t use it to others networking providers. . . . its only working Vodafone network. Please help me as soon as possible. …How I use the router most easily to used other network.

  5. I have problems with this Alcatel w800 router, please help….
    I used this router 2 years on one croatian network and did’n have problems. One month ago I’ve change network and the problem is that one time at day this router from 4G LTE mode switch on EDGE!
    Reebot, reset does not help. Than I insert sim card from my cell, connect on the net and than insert back mobile internet sim card. Than roter is again on LTE mode.
    I tried change in settings from automatic network mode to manual but this function is disabled.
    Please help


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