The international carrier Vodafone and Indian network provider Idea (and Airtel), all have launched the Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ, which is MiFi router. On the back side of the MiFi router, MW40CJ-2AIJIN3 is written in Idea and MW40CJ-2AVDIN1 in Vodafone.

Back side of Alcatel

Under the device settings, it shows the software version MW40_HP_02.00_05 and device name as MW40. If your device has software version MW40_HP_02.00_07, then don’t pay, my code will not work. No (R) no refund will be provided for mistakes.

It has an OLED display that shows the status of the battery, WiFi, network, and SMS.

Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJThe Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ is a 4G data card and comes with un-customized firmware, means there is no need to change the firmware to unlock it.

How to Unlock Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ WiFi Router (Idea and Vodafone Locked)?

1. Change the default SIM card with any another network provider SIM.

2. Connect to PC with its USB cable or with its WiFi.

3. Browse for through Internet Explorer browser.

Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ unlocking screen
Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ unlocking screen

4. The device will prompt you to enter the NCK.

5. Input here correct 10-digits unlock code / NCK and click Apply button.

6. The device will be rebooted and will start showing the inserted SIM card network.

Vodafone network in Idea device7. Now create a new profile according to the current SIM card through Connection menu and enjoy the internet.

Screenshot of Vodafone deviceAbove screenshot is of unlocked Vodafone Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ WebUI with Idea SIM card.

Note: Unlock code charge is only Rs. 100 for Indian customers. Before making the payment, make sure that device is asking for SIM lock as described. If everything is fine as described in the post, you can through PayUmoney.

A very big thanks to Anup Pravin for providing the screenshots.

Update: Unlock code works perfectly with Idea and Vodafone devices. If you have Vodafone router and software version is MW40_HP_02.00_07 then NCK code will not work. So if you planning to purchase a new Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ router then I will suggest getting Idea brand devices only. No refund will be provided, so better make a proper decision before making a payment.

Update II: Airtel has also launched Alcatel MW40CJ which comes with software / firmware version MW40_HS_02.00_09 and MW40_HS_02.00_10. Firmware MW40_HS_02.00_09 is unlockable, while MW40_HS_02.00_10 can not be unlocked. After changing the default SIM with any another carrier, it asks for 10 digit NCK. Today, I have unlocked it successfully. Unlock code charge is same Rs. 100 for Airtel, Vodafone or Idea locked devices.

Update III: Alcatel MW40CJ is now available outside India also, which are locked to different networks. Interest users can pay 2.38 USD for the correct NCK code. Correct code will be emailed within 8 hrs.


    • 18.01.39 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
      18.01.39 : IMEI: 359347-07-012964-0

      18.01.39 : NCK: 8848392695 [ Old models ]
      18.01.39 : RCK: 9754046097

      18.01.40 : NCK: 2418113572 [ New models ]
      18.01.40 : NSCK: 3222482244
      18.01.40 : SPCK: 6110300052
      18.01.40 : SIM: 3500569705
      18.01.43 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–
      Use new NCK.

    • 12.39.54 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
      12.39.54 : IMEI: 359347-07-002417-1

      12.39.54 : NCK: 9193382695 [ Old models ]
      12.39.54 : RCK: 0009036097

      12.39.55 : NCK: 1030131115 [ New models ]
      12.39.55 : NSCK: 3658226051
      12.39.55 : SPCK: 5574397600
      12.39.55 : SIM: 7713065210
      12.39.57 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–
      Use new NCK.

    • You have not paid yet.

      18.55.14 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
      18.55.14 : IMEI: 359347-07-004456-7

      18.55.14 : NCK: 5033582695 [ Old models ]
      18.55.14 : RCK: 6949236097

      18.55.15 : NCK: 4737181427 [ New models ]
      18.55.15 : NSCK: 8394483352
      18.55.15 : SPCK: 1047255429
      18.55.15 : SIM: 8005995428
      18.55.17 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–

      Use new NCK.

  1. I tried copying and pasting the same but it says the code should be 10 digits
    the codes given by you are 10 digits but then too not accepting

  2. Hi Kamlesh,

    If I get this unlocked, will Vodafone come to know this has been unlocked, when I re-insert the vodafone Sim.

    Currently I have a 5GB monthly plan from Vodafone which I want to continue, but in between during the night I want to use reliance jio Sim to take advantage of their temporary 4GB per day 4G internet offer.

  3. Sir I have paid 100 rs for NCK code for Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ WiFi Router (Vodafone) after payment i was redirected to routerunlock page. How will i get the NCK ?

    Network Locked to
    Email Address
    Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ WiFi Router
    Customer Name
    Manu Manoj

  4. Sir,

    I have tried above NCK but its not working, and I have only 7 attempts now, I have shared below details with IMEI, and also I will pay 100 rs for new NCK code, please provide.

    IMEI : 359347070831914

  5. Hi Kamlesh,

    It’s new device and i have not used any sim yet, but i purchased from Vodafone. Will it be locked Vodafone though the sim not inserted yet?

  6. Thank You Very Much Kamelsh Code Working 100% Wish i could send a screenshot if any one else want to unlock thier devic please then go ahead and pay its working 100000000%

  7. I have One Question If I get Any Software Updates From Idea Will It Be still Unlocked After Update Or Should I Enter The Code Everytime It Updates ??

    • Use new NCK

      16.24.44 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
      16.24.44 : IMEI: 359347-07-015871-4

      16.24.45 : NCK: 2557692695 [ Old models ]
      16.24.45 : RCK: 3463346097

      16.24.46 : NCK: 8034253211 [ New models ]
      16.24.46 : NSCK: 3778123422
      16.24.46 : SPCK: 0130861692
      16.24.46 : SIM: 6233103404
      16.24.48 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–

    • Reply may take time from 1 minutes to 8 hrs.

      19.51.58 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
      19.51.58 : IMEI: 359347-07-083536-0

      19.51.59 : NCK: 8014462695 [ Old models ]
      19.51.59 : RCK: 9920116097

      19.51.59 : NCK: 8701133908 [ New models ]
      19.51.59 : NSCK: 9804754154
      19.51.59 : SPCK: 0032095325
      19.51.59 : SIM: 5241174916
      19.52.02 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–

  8. Hi Kamlesh,
    I have Alcatel MW40CJ locked to vodafone.

    Can you please share the NCK , I will definitely pay if it works. Also will get back for 1 more device.
    Awaiting reply..


    • Plz use new NCK

      11.01.07 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
      11.01.07 : IMEI: 359347-07-095687-7

      11.01.07 : NCK: 5165672695 [ Old models ]
      11.01.07 : RCK: 6071326097

      11.01.08 : NCK: 4350483202 [ New models ]
      11.01.08 : NSCK: 3835024333
      11.01.08 : SPCK: 5510963815
      11.01.08 : SIM: 8653052607
      11.01.10 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–

  9. Hello,




  10. Plz use new NCK

    15.47.49 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
    15.47.49 : IMEI: 359347-07-103913-7

    15.47.50 : NCK: 5798483606 [ Old models ]
    15.47.50 : RCK: 6604137008

    15.47.50 : NCK: 9135425895 [ New models ]
    15.47.50 : NSCK: 4341061735
    15.47.50 : SPCK: 1063427527
    15.47.50 : SIM: 2505470243
    15.47.53 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–

  11. Please provide unlock code for MW40CJ Locked to vodafone

    Software Version:
    Device Name:

    Can i pay you by paytm?

  12. i want nck code…
    SSID : MW40CJ-5C44
    IMEI 359347070015062
    I purchased from vodaphone but i want change my voda sim to jio sim.
    what should i do …..

  13. Hi Kamlesh,

    Going through previous comments I understood you have generated NCK codes for Vodafone lock device too..

    Please send Unlock code
    IMEI- 359347071051223

    Will make payment for sure once the code works!!

    Thanks in advance..

  14. Hi

    This is johnson
    I would want an unlock code for MW40CJ-2AIJIN3 idea 4g smart wifi HUB.
    IMEI : 359347070726171

    May I know if you will be able to send me the unlock code.
    I am ready to pay. If your sure if you can provide an working unlock code. Iam ready to pay.

    Also let me know how my I should pay for this.

    My email :

  15. Hi,
    I want to unlock my alcatel hotspot device
    My IMEI no. 35934707001690
    software version : MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Carrier: Vodafone

    it is asking for NCK code, i will pay as you said,
    please send me the code and payment link to my id


  17. Hi Kamlesh,
    I have made the payment (payment id – 121810552) for unlocking my Airtel Alcatel MW40CJ device with os mw40_HS_02.00_09
    please provide the NCK code…

  18. From the OLDER Posts It says Its Possible… So lets Move to payment Correct ???
    Ganesh October 13, 2016 at 5:29 pm
    I want to unlock my alcatel hotspot device
    My IMEI no. 35934707001690
    software version : MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Carrier: Vodafone

  19. Unlock request for the following :
    Details with IMEI no. :

    Router 1 :
    IMEI 359347071377867

    Router 2 :
    IMEI 359347071375416

    Router 3 :
    IMEI 359347071169777

    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_07

  20. Hello, My hardware version is MW40-CJ-V2.0 and IMEI number is 359347070454394. This is locked with Vodafone. Can you please help me with the code.

  21. Hi Kamlesh,
    I have the firmware version MW40_HP_02.00_07 locked with Vodafone..Plz do inform me asap if code get available in my email so i you can do the NCK generate process.

  22. Hi, I got it from Vodafone store and the IMEI is: 359347070855319. Can you please send me the unlock code? I will be very thankful.. All the way from Jungle of Darjeeling. Thank You again.

  23. Kamlesh thank u for the fast response..plz do inform for the same..eagerly waiting..plz make it work..bookmarked this page.
    Is there any other method to this??

  24. Hi,

    I have made the payment

    Payment id: 195431-122322796

    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Device Name: MW40
    IMEI: 359347070166717

    When can i expect the code

  25. Dear Mr kamlwsh I want to unlock my vodafone dongle model MW40CJ
    Kindly provide unlock code I will pay after unlocking it.

  26. Dear Mr kamal I want to unlock my vodafone dongle model MW40CJ
    Kindly provide unlock code i wil pay

  27. hi kamlesh
    completed payment

    Transactn ID :- 195431122919381

    Model:- MW40

    IMEI:- 359347070468196

    Software V:- MW_40_HP_02.00_05

    pls provide NCK

  28. Hi,
    any luck with Vodafone router and software version MW40_HP_02.00_07 ?Can you help out.
    Also after unlock will JIO sim work in the router.

  29. Hello Kamalesh,

    My device’s SW version is MW40_HP_02.00_07. It’s locked to Vodafone. Any chance to unlock this device?

    IMEI: 359347070466844

    I will pay you if unlock works.

  30. Can you please let me know if we can ulock somtel ?
    IMEI : 35934807136874
    Model :MW40vd
    Netwrok : somtel
    software version mw40_fs_02_00_01

    • Before putting the NCK , take a screenshot and share at, since we are providing free code to you, use new NCK.

      13.05.22 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
      13.05.22 : IMEI: 359348-07-136874-0

      13.05.23 : NCK: 8857723626 [ Old models ]
      13.05.23 : RCK: 9763477028

      13.05.24 : NCK: 9242981256 [ New models ]
      13.05.24 : NSCK: 3474685276
      13.05.24 : SPCK: 0509333351
      13.05.24 : SIM: 1595127622
      13.05.26 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–

      • Hi Kamlesh,
        I think u have sent the NCK for wrong IMEI. Your maill has the following info:
        16.01.48 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
        16.01.48 : IMEI: 835000-00-000000-1

        16.01.48 : NCK: 4246712206 [ Old models ]
        16.01.48 : RCK: 5152466600

        16.01.49 : NCK: 0213241460 [ New models ]
        16.01.49 : NSCK: 0340215151
        16.01.49 : SPCK: 5391244050
        16.01.49 : SIM: 3547143642
        16.01.51 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–

        While the IMEI I submitted was :

        None of the NCKs are working. Please provide a working NCK

        • 16.38.19 : —————– Alcatel codes calculator ———————-
          16.38.19 : IMEI: 359347-07-029259-6

          16.38.20 : NCK: 4331002695 [ Old models ]
          16.38.20 : RCK: 5247756097

          16.38.20 : NCK: 4222410342 [ New models ]
          16.38.20 : NSCK: 3420639523
          16.38.20 : SPCK: 9425174730
          16.38.20 : SIM: 5410418054
          16.38.23 : ————————— E N D. ——————————–

  31. Hello Kamlesh,

    Alcatel device unlocked from Vodafone successfully, now it is asking version upgrade, can I upgrade ?

    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_05

    Upgrade: MW40_HP_02.00_07

  32. Hello Kamlesh,

    I’ve made the payment.

    here are the details

    Model: MW40CJ_CCA3
    IMEI: 359347070105988
    Software: MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Carrier: Vodafone

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  33. Hi Kamlesh,

    I have paid. My transaction ID: 195431-123759486

    Please provide NCK for my device with below details:

    Device Name: Alcatel MW40CJ
    Carrier: Vodafone
    Software Version: MW40_HP02.00_05
    Imei Number: 359347070190303

  34. Hello,

    My name is Sumit sharma, i want to unlock the my Vodafone Mi FI device which is TCL product

    Model No. MW40CJ_2AVDIN1

  35. mine is alcatel MW40 CJ vodafone
    imei 359347070198538
    will it work for jio sim after unlocking if yes kindly tell me ur Paytm details

    please inform me via mail

  36. I need “NCK” for Alcatel MW40CJ-2AIJIN3. IMEI = 359347070812930. Carrier is “IDEA”. Current Device Version is: MW40_HN_02.00_08. RSVP ASAP

  37. Hi Kamlesh,

    Can you please share the NCK and are the above steps are valid for unlocking.

    My device IMEI:359347070996923
    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_07
    Carrier: Vodafone
    If its works I will surely pay the amount.

    Karan Kumar

  38. Hi,

    Can you please generate NCK to below IMEI:

    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Device Name: MW40
    IMEI: 359347070464583
    Provider: Vodafone [MW40CJ_CF4E]

    Once unlocked, I will pay the money.

  39. Hello, RouterUnlock

    I have purchased Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ router for Idea SIM. How do I unlock same with your help? You can call / sms me at *********. How do I get in touch with you?

  40. My device IMEI:359347070996923
    Carrier: Vodafone
    If its works I will surely pay the amount.
    Thanks a lot in advanced sir……..
    Mayank Pandey

  41. My device IMEI:359347070849122
    Carrier: Vodafone
    Software version-MW40_HP_02.00_07
    If its works I will surely pay the amount.
    Thanks a lot in advanced sir……..
    Mayank Pandey

  42. Hellow Sir My Device details are
    Model-Alcatel MW40CJ
    Locket to Operator- Vodafone
    Software Version-MW40_HP_02.00_07
    Please Provide The NCK and if it works I will pay immediatly pay you through the above Method….
    Thank you…
    Mayank Pandey

  43. Hi Kamlesh
    I have Alcatel MW40CJ-2AVDIN1 hotspot , which i got with vodafone. Now i want to use Airtel SIM in hotspot. I thought to make payment but you mentioned with old firmware version your NCK code not work. Is there any way to upgrade its software and then get the NCK from you?

  44. Hi Kamlesh
    I have Alcatel MW40CJ-2AVDIN1 hotspot , which i got with vodafone. Now i want to use Airtel SIM in hotspot. I thought to make payment but you mentioned with old firmware version MW40_HP_02.00_07 and you mentioned your NCK code not work for same. Is there any way to upgrade its software and then get the NCK from you?

  45. Hello,

    Locked by : Vodafone
    SIM to be used : Jio / Airtel
    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Device Name: MW40
    IMEI: 359347070165453

    Can I make the payment once I have the NCK code and if it works good? I will not refuse to pay later for sure and you can trust me on this.

  46. Hello,

    Locked by : Vodafone
    SIM to be used : Jio / Airtel
    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Device Name: MW40
    IMEI: 359347070165453

    I have made the payment and the transaction id is – 195431-125689100
    Please share the NCK

  47. Hello,

    Can you let me know that whether the below mentioned router can be unlocked or not. If you confirm, let me know the procedure and amount to pay.

    Locked by : Airtel
    SIM to be used : Jio or others
    Software Version: MW40_HS_02.00_10
    Hardware version: V2.0
    Device Name: MW40
    IMEI: 3593 4707 0276 441


  48. Hi,
    I have Alcatel MW40CJ-2AVDIN1
    Hardware – MW40-CJ-V2.0
    Software – MW40_HP_02.00_07
    IMEI – 359347070075439
    Can it be Opened?

  49. Hi friend,

    I have deposited the amount to your account. Transaction ID: 195431-126179204

    Locked by : Vodafone
    SIM to be used : Jio / Airtel
    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Device Name: MW40
    IMEI: 359347070151610

    Please share the NCK.


  50. Please Do Something as Fast as possible for Vodafone router and software version is MW40_HP_02.00_07……..
    U are the only Hope For us……We have no other way…..
    Thank You
    Mayank Pandey

  51. Dear Router Unlock,

    Please inform me how to pay you and get my device unlocked. The device is Alcatel and service provider is Idea.
    Kindly inform what details you require for same.

    Contact me at : / 7757053326. Email or SMS me as I may be in meetings


  52. Please Give me The nck if it Works I will pay If not Doesnt matter…..
    Software- MW40_HP_02.00_07
    Locked to vodafone

  53. Will you be able to unlock the following modem:
    IMEI: 359347070454246
    Model: MW40CJ-2AVDIN1
    Firmware: MW40_HP_02.00_05
    Network bought with: Vodafone
    Once I get the code, all I have to do is paste it right, could you please instruct?

  54. Hi, Kamlesh i already pay on 26th November but till date you did not provide me NCK CODE.
    model-ALCATEL MW40CJ-2BATIN3,
    PAYMENT ID-126201655

  55. hi Kamalesh,

    please provide the code for the following, if it works, i will pay the money and request for the another same device also.

    model-ALCATEL MW40CJ-2BATIN3,

    please post me steps also kamalesh.


  56. i have idea WiFi 4ghub IMEI 359347070756848 model no MW40CJ-2AIJIN3 I NEED UNLOCK or NCK code but i don’t have PayPal ac so how to pay u.. do you accept mobile recharge …. Plz.. help me..

  57. Sir I have already paid with Payment ID 127531290.
    IMEI – 359347070719382
    Model – MW40CJ
    Network – IDEA
    sent me nck code asop…

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