Recently, Huawei HiSuite Setup v was released for Windows 8 and before that I had shared HiSuite v1.8.10.1706. Now, Huawei HiSuite Setup v1. is available for download which supports the latest Android 4.4 Operating System also.

Huawei Hisuite
Huawei Hisuite

What is use of Huawei HiSuite?


Huawei HiSuite is just like PC Suite of mobile phones. With the help of Huawei HiSuite you can easily connect your Huawei SmartPhones to PC using USB cable or WiFi.


What is new in Huawei HiSuite Setup v1.


  1. Added the function of a key repair, Phone system can’t start when user can repair system by HiSuite.
  2. Modified some bug about the contacts, messages, calendar and other modules.
  3. Added support for Android 4.4 system
  4. Wi-Fi connection is improved so that users can use HiSuite more easily.
  5. Support for Emotion UI FWVGA and help manual are newly added.
  6. Optimize the contact management features.
  7. Modify some bugs of modules,such as device connection, music, application management, image cropping, etc.


Huawei HiSuite Setup v1. now supports the following models :


U8500, C8500, U8510, U8600, S8600, U8667, U8650, U8800, C8800, T8808D, U8812D, T8830, U8830, U8832D, U8850, C8850, U8860, C8860, U9200, U9500, U9510, U8836D, U8180, C8810,C8668D, MATE, U9508, D2, G700-U00, G700-T00, MEDIAPAD 10LINK, HUAWEI MEDIA PAD


The main features of Huawei HiSuite v1. :


1. Application Management


  • Quickly view, install, or uninstall applications.
  • One-key update all your applications.


2. Music Management


  • Easily read, add, delete or modify music and playlists from SD card.
  • Export music(s) from SD card to PC.
  • Compatible with iTunes. (Easily import iTunes music resources to SD card)
  • Listen to selected music.
  • Set music (in SD card) as phone ringtone.


3. SMS Management


  • Send, receive, or manage messages and MMS on PC.
  • Export messages to PC.
  • Send message to multiple contacts.


4. Contacts Management


  • Easily add, modify, or delete contacts. (Support multiple accounts)
  • Easily import contacts from iPhone, Nokia devices, and Gmail to a Huawei device.


5. Synchronize


  • Synchronize contacts and calendars with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010.
  • Synchronize contacts with Microsoft Express.
  • Synchronize groups with Microsoft Outlook 2007, or 2010.


6. Picture Management


  • Easily read, delete or rotate pictures on storage card.
  • Set picture as device wallpaper.
  • Easily export pictures from storage card and add pictures to device.


7. Storage Card File Management


  • Easily copy, paste or move file on storage card, just like operate on PC.


8. Screen Show


  • Real-time display of device’s content on PC, zoom, rotate, adapt to computer screen.
  • One-key capture device’s screen, no longer to worry about missing moments.


9. Backup and Restore


  • Backup contacts, messages, calendar, media files and other information to PC.
  • Restore PC backup file to device.
  • Backup and restore applications.


10. Update


  • Push latest system software version to device, easy download and upgrade options. Automatically updates on user confirmation.
  • Push latest HiSuite version to PC, easy download and upgrade options. Automatically updates on user confirmation.


11. Calendar Management


  • Easily add, delete, edit calendar on device, and sort calendars.


12. Wi-Fi Connection


  • Connect your device with PC through Wi-Fi to manage data.
  • Encrypted or not via Wi-Fi connection. Encrypted one can improve security of data.


13. Emotion UI Tool


  • Edit, dynamic preview and design your own special theme, include from PC or device.
  • Pack theme to phone and apply.


Download (latest version)


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