Vodafone is a popular network worldwide and keeps launching different types of modems and routers in the market. Recently, Vodafone has launched its new product Huawei K4203 Hilink 3G broadband modem in the market. Vodafone USB K4203 Hilink broadband dongle maximum download speed in UTMS network is 21.6 Mbps, as well as 5.76 Mbps, upload speed. It is a small size (dimension: 88×27× 11.6mm) and lightweight (Weight: <30 g) nice device.

Vodafone K4203 modem
Vodafone K4203 modem

The key features and specifications of Vodafone K4203 Hilink 3G broadband 21.6 Mbps Data Card:

1. Type : USB stick

2. Weight : <30 g

3. Dimensions : 88×27× 11.6mm

4. Processor : HiSilicon Balong 330

5. ROM : 128 MByte total internal flash ROM

6. RAM : 64 Mbyte

7. Download and upload speed :

UMTS 21.6 cat14/5.76 Mbps
EDGE 296/177 Kbps

8. Max. Power consumption : 4.75V-5.25V / 500 mA

9. SIM card form factor : 2FF (Mini)

10. Other features: Dual Stack IPv6 & IPv4, Web-UI , Monitor APP

11. Network Access :

UMTS : Dual Band, 900/2100MHz
GSM : Quad-band, 850/900/1800/1900

12. Text : SMS

13. USSD : Yes

14. SIM Toolkit : Yes

15. USB : USB High Speed 2.0 support

16. Sync : Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Web UI and service experience as well as Monitor App for Win 8 / Android and iOS

Presently, Vodafone K4203 Hilink 3G Dongle has been launched in Spain and soon you will get in another country also. Its online price is presently £27.89.

How to unlock Vodafone K4203 Hi-link 3G broadband dongle?

1. Change the default sim with another network provider sim.

2. Connect your Vodafone (Huawei) K4203 Hi-Link 3G modem to PC.

3. Let it install all the software and drivers which is required by the dongle.

4. Now Vodafone K4203 dashboard (WebUI) will be opened automatically.

5. Now it will ask you unlock code.

6. Put correct unlock code and it will be unlocked forever.

7. Now create the profile as per new sim and connect to the internet.

How to get correct unlock code of Vodafone K4203 Hi-Link 3G modem?

Unlock code of Vodafone K4203 Hilink broadband data card is not free. Interested users can pay through PayPal. You might be interested in Huawei E3236, which is similar to Vodafone K4203.

Note: Only pay if the device is asking for unlock code after changing the SIM card.

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