Huawei E5351 is right now available in China through Unicom network. It is basically a 3G MiFi router and comes locked to Unicom only. Later, Huawei may release in other countries with different carriers too. It also comes with V4 algorithm and unlocking is not so easy.

Requirements to unlock Huawei E5351 router:

  1. Download Huawei E5351 Firmware Update (Universal)
  2. Download Firmware Update Huawei E5351s-2 (Normal)
  3. download DC unlocker
  4. Huawei Mobile Partner

How to unlock Huawei E5351 3G router to use any another network SIM?

  1. Connect E5351 to Windows PC with its default USB cable.

2. Extract the firmware version in a folder using WinRAR and run it.

3. It will ask you a password / firmware code (comment below with model and IMEI to it free).

4. Input the firmware code and wait till finish wizard.

Note : The E5351 will be unusable and WiFi will stop working.

5. Now install Huawei mobile partner which you have already downloaded.

6. Now close the mobile partner.

7. Now run DC unlocker, which you have already downloaded.

8. Detect your device under it.

9. At the end of the result paste “AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128” (without quotes) and press enter from the keyboard.

10. Now, in DC unlocker you will get NV codes in hash format. Copy the details and keep in a notepad format. Hash code will be converted into the unlock code for E5351 and after receiving the payment it will be emailed back.

11. After getting the code, extract firmware file in a folder.

12. Run the firmware setup file again. During this period, it will not ask a password.

13. Wait till firmware successfully installs in the device.

14. Open web-browser (Internet Explorer) in PC and browse for

15. Login to device router panel (user-name and password is admin).

16. Here, you will see, you device have 10 unlocking attempts left.

19. Just enter correct unlock password in the E5351 router and your router will be unlocked.

Note : Unlock code charge for Indian customers are Rs. 300 and for international people is only 6 USD (can pay through PayPal, payza or perfect money). Correct NCK / SIMLock will be emailed within 8 hrs.