3 (Three) network is very famous in UK. Recently, 3 carrier has also launched E3256 Hilink 4G modem dongle in the U.K. E3256 modem download speed is up to 42Mbps. E3256 Hilink data card is supported by the dual carrier HSPA+ network platform, and E3256 Hilink Three Huawei modem assures your connection to the web steady and rapidly.
Huawei E3256 Hilink modem dongle
Huawei E3256 Hilink modem dongle

If you have purchased an E3256 Hilink Three (3) network 3 UK Huawei dongle, then you have felt that you can not use another network provider SIM other than 3 network in your E3256 data card. Every network provider provides the modem in cheap rates because it locks to his own network. Now what you will do, if you want to use another network providers sim or you are going out of your country.

You can use your E3256 Hilink Three (3) network Huawei dongle with another network provider sim, but before it, you have to unlock your dongle.

How to Unlock E3256 Hilink Three (3) network 3G UK Huawei Modem?

1. Download E3256 Hilink Three (3) mongle unlocker software from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now disconnect the internet and close everything related to your E3256 Hilink Three (3) UK Huawei dongle.

3. Now run the E3256 Huawei modem unlocker tool and detect your E3256 in the software.

4. Now put your unlock code and click on OK.

5. Now you will get a message successfully unlocked.

6. Now enjoy your unlocked E3256 Hilink Three (3) U.K. Huawei dongle all over the world with any another network provider also.

Note: If you are facing the problem with above procedure, then just change the SIM card and connect to PC. It will automatically open the dongle software and ask you for SIMlock or NCK code. Enter the correct 8-digit unlock code and enjoy.

Note: Don’t try any free or wrong codes into your E3256 Hilink Three (3) modem, otherwise it will be locked permanently.


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