Today, I am writing about unlocking process of Belgium Proximus Huawei AWEI CPE B593 WiFi Router. Proximus B593 WiFi Router can be unlocked easily with some tips and tricks. Belgium Proximus HUAWEI CPE B593 WiFi Router Gateway comes with uncustomized firmware and there is no need to flash Belgium Proximus B593 WiFi Router. Only you have to follow some simple instructions to unlock the B593 WiFi Router.
Unlock Huawei B593s-22 tele2 swedish router
Unlock Huawei B593 router

How to unlock Belgium Proximus HUAWEI CPE B593 WiFi Router Gateway?

1. Connect the Proximus Huawei CPE B593 WiFi router without SIM to PC with RJ45 connector.

2. Now open default browser Internet Explorer in your PC and type in the address bar of your Internet Explorer.

3. Login to your router and the device will ask for unlock code.

4. Now put the password as unlock code and click Apply.

5. Now your router will be rebooted and it is unlocked forever.

Users who are facing the problems while unlocking through above process can unlock his Belgium Proximus HUAWEI CPE B593 WiFi router through FMC unlocker software.

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