Start Menu plays an important role in Windows PC as it gives you quick access to programs and recent files. Start Menu Reviver is a start menu replacement tool for Windows 7/8/8.1 that features a Metro-style Start Menu and completely replaces the default start menu of Windows 7, 8 & 10. After the installation, when you press the Windows key or click the Start orb, it pops up.


The menu looks good and works well. The left-hand buttons give you one-click access to common destinations: Search window, Run box, Recent Documents list, Network and Sharing Centre and more. Right-hand tiles initially give you access to various folders (My Computer, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos), applications and system areas (Control Panel, Task Manager). There is a Search box that helps you find what you need, and a Power button displays all the usual options: Log Off, Switch User, Lock, Sleep, Hibernate, Restart, Shutdown, etc.

You can customise these tiles in multiple ways. Move the mouse cursor to the right of the menu, find an executable, drag and drop it onto a tile and it’ll be added immediately. Alternatively, right-clicking any of the right-hand tiles provides an option to customise it with a shortcut of your own.

Start Menu Reviver accommodates up to 64 tiles so you can customize it for a truly personal experience. You can choose from applications, documents, folders and more which you want to launch directly from your Start Menu.

There is a freedom to change the tile images. You can launch both traditional desktop programs and new Windows modern applications directly from the Start Menu.

There is no such application which gives you so much customization options. You can download Start Menu Reviver freeware tool from here.


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