Those who edit documents a lot especially while browsing the internet, then it is difficult to jump from the web browser to document every time. There is a cool program called, Scaramouche Touch Editor that will helpful while browsing the internet and editing the document same time. It opens as a new tab in the browser, so switching between information and text editor isn’t much of a pain any longer.


SSuite Scaramouche Touch Editor is a few KBs in size and takes less than a minute to download. It comes in a portable format and without installing you can start using with all major browsers e.g. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla FireFox etc.

To get it up and running, just launch the file by double click on it and a new tab will be opened in your web browser, and from there you can just editing. The user interface is easy to understand and comes packed with most features expected from a text editor.

It also comes with several new features that were not found in basic text editors. SSuite Scaramouche Touch is all about making life easier for editors on the web.

This web-based Editor only works with HTML5 compatible web browsers.

When it comes down to the user interface, it is very easy to understand.

Special features of Scaramouche Touch:

  1. Can insert the tables of any size.
  2. Undo and Redo are possible.
  3. Print out and print preview of document is supported.
  4. Open, edit, and save any html document.
  5. Can be used to create web pages for websites.
  6. Resize page area by dragging bottom right corner.
  7. Insert images either by link, or just copy and paste.
  8. Create and insert link for dynamic online documents.
  9. View web page or html code with the click of a button.
  10. Compatible with touch screen devices.
  11. Open multiple instants of Scaramouche Touch in tab format.
  12. Drag and drop content directly from open web pages e.g. text, images, or video etc.

You can download SSuite Scaramouche Touch from here.


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