BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. It is basically a type of firmware that is built into the hardware, used for booting process of a computer.

In this post, I will show you, how to check the current version of BIOS in a Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 PC. I will refer four ways to check the BIOS version : WMI Command, Windows Registry, System Information Tool (MSINFO32) or DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DXDiag).

How to check BIOS Version ?

1. WMI Command

wmic bios get biosversion

Open an elevated command prompt (command prompt with administrative priviledge) window, type the following and hit Enter

wmic bios get biosversion

2. Windows Registry

Registry Editor - BIOS Version

Open the Registry Editor and Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System

On right side you will get SystemBiosVersion key and under that BIOS version is available.

Note : To open the Registry Editor – Go to Run – type regedit and hit enter key or press OK button.

3. System Information Tool (MSINFO32)

The MSINFO32 (System Information Tool) is a built in tool and shows the information about BIOS version. Go to run and type msinfo32 and hit Enter.

System Information - BIOS Version Check4. DXDiag (DirectX Diagnostic Tool)

DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DXDiag) is basically meant for troubleshooting the DirectX issues. But if you Run dxdiag to open it, you will see the BIOS version mentioned under the System tab.

DXDiag (DirectX Diagnostic Tool)5. PowerShell

PowerShell - To get BIOS VersionsOpen the Powershell and enter the following command :

Get-WmiObject win32_bios

BIOS version will be displayed in SMBIOSBIOSVersion entry.

6. Third-Party Software – CPU-Z

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