The importance of social network is unlimited at the present time. Social networking is the main medium that helps everyone to be connected with each other in the easiest way. Now, you will surely find a new way to be connected with your dear ones with the all new Google Allo. Google Allo is an instant messaging mobile app that provides the facility of ‘smart reply’ which allows the user to reply without typing and includes a number of virtual assistants. The app has been launched on 21, 2016 and is available on Android and iOS. Hence, click on the ‘delete’ option for your previous messaging app and get to know the reasons that why you should start using Google Allo instead of Whatsapp.


Google Assistant

Although Whatsapp includes a number of unique features like sending files, videos, audio recordings, pictures in your chat, Google Allo can make your chatting experience more enhancing for its Google virtual assistant. With Google Allo, you can draw out information from the web and insert YouTube videos in your chat. Users can also call the other person while sending messages with the help of the Assistant. For example, you can say “@Google Hotels near us?” and you will get a list of hotels around your location. The company has announced to enhance the service by the time.

Smart Reply

Smart Reply is definitely an amazing feature that you will get to avail in Google Allo. This feature was earlier seen in the Inbox by Gmail app. This feature provides the facility of automatic reply and thus save the user’s time. The artificial intelligence reads the text and understands the replying pattern of the user. As a result of the process, it comes up with related suggestions. The initial suggestions would be simple and but with rapid usage, it picks up the users’ phrases to offer a quick reply. Hence, the ‘Smart Reply’ feature will catch your style in the right way of you use to write words like ‘Lol’.

Incognito Mode

Privacy is always a major concern of everyone when you are in a digital communication. To ensure the security of every user, Goggle has installed an Incognito Mode in the app. It’s best on Goggle’s open signal protocol and is designed in the way that it can provide you a seamless and safe chatting experience. When a user continues a chatting in Incognito Mode, the messages become invisible on the lockscreen and thus become completely secure and private.

Image recognition

One of the most surprising features of the app is that it is capable of recognizing photos. Google has installed its ‘image recognition’ software in it. The app is capable of recognizing a received picture and differentiates among the pictures. It is also capable of suggesting an automatic response. For example, if someone sends you the picture of a baby, it will suggest ‘cute’ or ‘beautiful’ as a response depending on your maximum usage. You can easily choose the most appropriate word and send it across.

Gmail account sync

Google Allo receives your phone number for primary identification but the amazing feature is that you can also sync your Goggle account with the app. Accomplishing the task you will be able to get all important updates to serve your purpose more easily. For example, you will be updated about the service in advance if you have a flight to catch.

Selective end to end encryption

Maybe you are thinking that Whatsapp also allows encryption for chats but the difference of Allo from Whatsapp is that it provides the facility of ‘Selective end to end encryption’. This feature allows the user to select the contact you want to chat with in Incognito Mode. Along with this, you can also select a timer for deleting the messages automatically. The timer can be set starting from 5 seconds. Hence, the chats will disappear automatically if you have finished talking to someone depending upon the expiration period that you have set. The messages will not be deleted if you have switched off the expiration period.

Formatting texts and other unique features

This app is not only eye soothing rather there is scope to bring verities also. Google has installed the feature to format the text. You can format the text size in larger or smaller font. Two slider buttons have been incorporated into the app, such as ‘Whisper’ and ‘Shout’. The ‘Whisper’ allows the fonts to be deceased and the ‘Shout’ option is for increasing the fonts. Along with this feature, Allo also offers a wide range of stickers to enhance your chatting experience a lot more. Google Allo also allows a user to scribble on pictures before sending it across to someone.

Hence, it will be not an exaggeration to say that Google Allo is capable of opening a new way to enhance your experience of chatting.

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