Huawei corporation had launched various CDMA modems in the past. One of them is Huawei EC321 Data Card. Today, I am writing for Huawei EC 321 modem or you can say wingle unlocking. Before, proceeding with unlocking process, let me very clear, this model is too old, and I have not checked personally. I am writing the unlocking of EC321 on my own experience, since I have got the success in various old CDMA modems. You can find the unlocking solutions of EC156, EC1261, EC306, EC122, EC226, EC150 etc.

Huawei EC321 Data Card
Huawei EC321 Data Card

The main features and specifications of Huawei EC321 Dongle :


1. PC Card Type : Type II, 68 Pin, CARDBUS

2. Radio System : CDMA2000 1x: 800MHz

3. Radio Frequency band :

Reverse Link : 824MHz to 849MHz;
Forward Link : 869MHz to 894MHz.
Radio power output : >200mW

4. Services :

Voice Service : 8K EVRC
High Speed Packet Data Service : Maximum Data Rate 153.6kbps/Reverse Link, 153.6kbps/Forward Link
Asynchronous Data Service : Maximum Data Rate 14.4kbps

PC Fax : Maximum Data Rate 14.4kbps
Short Message Service

5. Size(DxWxH) : 88.4mm x 54mm x 5mm

6. Weight : Approx. 50g

7. Battery : Powered via the PC card slot, uses laptop battery

8. Operating temperature : -10 degree C to 55 degree C

9. Storage temperature : -20 degree C to 65 degree C


As you can see in there is nothing hard and fast in Huawei EC321 modem, which is required to unlocking. After unlock you are nothing going to get in this modem. But, still, if you want to gain some experience and you have Huawei EC321 dongle in home and that is not used, then you must try. One word should be remembered in the whole like that makes life easier is “Something is better than nothing”.


Unlocking process of Huawei EC321 Wingle is same as I had earlier mentioned in Huawei EC315 Wingle. Only the difference is the firmware. You can get the firmware update of EC321 Huawei modem from the download link which is mentioned below.


Best of luck, if any question feel free to share via comment. Please don’t mail me for help and support.


Download Huawei EC321 Wingle firmware update WL3TCRC21005 APP

Download Huawei EC321 Wingle Firmware Update in .exe format

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