Today, I am writing article to unlock Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle Datacard.  Various network providers provided CDMA 3G Modem Dongle to his users. Unlocking CDMA modem is difficult than GSM 3G / 4G modems / routers. I have found some ways through which you can unlock Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle for free. The below provided solution will unlock fully your Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle. There is no firmware upgrade is required to unlock Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle. If you are interested then you can try it out.

How to unlock Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle Free :

1. Download the CDMA workshop tool 2.7 Pre-cracked version from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
2. Now extract in a folder and run it.
3. Now in the COM port drop down list select the com port to which you have connected the Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle. (To get the COM Port read this article.)
4. Now after detecting the COM port click on Connect and your Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle will be connect to the CDMA Workshop 2.7.0 tool.
5. After the Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle is connected go to the security tab and click Read button.
6. When SPC code will be available in the box then click on SPC button. (If SPC code is not available then write 000000).
7. Now you will get two option Send and Write as in below screenshot. Click on Send button and you will get a message spc accepted.
Send SPC as Default in cdma workshop
Send SPC as Default in cdma workshop
8. Now select the Other tab and in the RUIM – select RUIM if availabe or to ruim only and click on the write button.  Now you have successfully unlocked your Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle. 
CDMA modem unlock RUIM options
CDMA modem unlock RUIM options
Note : Now you can use both CDMA inbuilt and CDMA of another network provider facility in your Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle.  If you select RUIMonly then the default CDMA service will not work and if you select RUIM if available then you can use CDMA service without the sim and CDMA of another network provider when you insert the sim into the Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle.
You can find my blog for unlock solutions of Huawei EC367, EC226, EC186, EC167, EC156, EC150 EC1260 and EC122 CDMA EVDO modems.
Now download the latest Unbranded Huawei Mobile Partner Software from this link to use another network provider sim on your unlocked Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle.

Download CDMA Workshop Tool 2.7 Cracked Version


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  2. When DC unlocker claims that a particular model is unlockable,then it’s true for real,I swear that I really did unlocked my MTS Huawei EC1561 with the help of DC Unlocker.I also have got my friends free credits & I tried the same with EC315,but it just couldn’t unlock it.EC315 reverts back to NV Mode only.Anyway I atleast have unlocked my EC1561.My heartful thanks to Dc unlocker!

  3. Just to inform the EC 306 by MTS also Reverts to NV only, so only a Default firmware can solve this issue, but Firmware Flashed Data card have problem with BSNL EVDO , it connects with 1X Speed/Mode, so if some one looking for BSNL EVDO should buy ZTE AC 2766,for the time being.

    PS : my spc code for MTS EC 306 was 182300

  4. sir, when was the last time it was confirmed that a tata photon max ec306 modem was unlocked using the above method?
    I am buying one myself

  5. Dear Kamlesh

    Please let me know if I could use the same steps for MTS EC306 too.
    If you could clear my doubt it will be very grateful
    Then I will be able to decide if I buy MTS locked or MTS unlocked Ec306

  6. Dear Kamlesh,

    I have bought Huawei EC8201 EVDO device.In my country the operator does provide the CDMA 2000 data service without SIM card. So, when the sales person inserted my device to his computer the COM port cannot be detected. Can you suggest me a solution.

  7. Sir i tried this methode in my mts ec306 data card. But after data card reconnect, ruim is auto reset to nv only. please help me.

  8. When I try connecting it gives the result “the remote desktop did not respond”. Also its not showing reliance in tower symbol….its still showing CDMA2001x, even when I remove the reliance sim off, though i have given RUiM only during unlocking. One more doubt.. after unlocking I clicked close button and it asked ” do you want to send Mode Reset in order to apply changes?”, and I clicked Yes button.
    Please advice what I have to do.

    NB: when I give RUIM only it showed success in both verification 1 and 2

  9. Please tell what is the difference between these:
    1. Download version Normal setup (Installer setup.exe)
    2. Download version Update Wizard (Flasher To Modem)

    And also please tell what is:
    1. Firmware,
    2. Software,
    3. Dashboard.

    I am visiting your website regularly. But I don’t understand these technical terms. If you put these details in your website, it will be useful for all.

    Thank you in advance.

  10. Bro I bought UNLOCKED Huawei EC306 (tata photon max) Rev-B data card from ebay. It came with Mobile partner software. But unfortunately only three modes available: CDMA, EVDO & HYBRID. When I connect with EVDO (or even Hybrid), its fluctuating between Rev-A and Rev-B tower. So can you kindly suggest me any alternate software which allows me options like Rev-A, Rev-B, 1X etc.,

    For example I have seen such options with SMARTFREN and tata photon web dashboard. Kindly help me on how to use those or any alternatives to Mobile Partner.. Thanks a lot in advance..

  11. how to unlock EC306-1 huweai , pak gya hu bhai no solution for unlock also no correct s/w download links are working. plz provide correct links.


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