Once you have created a new blog and disabled the Navbar in blogspot.com, you have to write the new posts, which will be visible to search engine and your audience. In this post, we will guide you to create and edit the posts in Blogger.com.

How to create and edit a new post in Blogger.com?

1. Login to Gmail account and open a new tab , then browse for blogger.com. Or simply browse for blogger.com and login into that with Gmail account username and password. You will land at https://www.blogger.com/home address, where you can see the description of your blog.


2. Since there is no post available in the blog, so below the description of your blog, you will see ‘No post. Start blogging!’.

Click on Start blogging! link.


3. A blank post will be opened.

In text box of Post title : put the title of your new post.

In the big text box, you have to write in details about your post. It should be according to the title. Try to write at least 250 words in a single post to boost the traffic.


On the right side, below the ‘Post settings’, you can find Labels, Schedule, Permalink, Location and Options. Labels are used to divide your websites into separate parts if you are covering different topics, e.g. Earning, Selling etc. This is optional, like the other options under ‘Post settings’.

4. Once you write the post title and description, click on “Publish” button.

publish-the-post5. After clicking on publish button, a new window will be opened with title ‘Share on Google+’.


This is also optional, if you want to share your post in your Google + group then click on “Share” or just “Cancel” it.

6. Now you can see under posts, you have one post. You can view, edit, share or delete it.

first-post-in-bloggerWhen you get sufficient visits from “search engine”, you can apply an Adsense account to earn money. Now, it is also possible to maintain a blog with multiple authors.

For getting maximum traffic, you need to follow some basic SEO tips.


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